Sai Chhaya

It was a long cherished desire of the Sai devotees of Baripada to publish a magazine to carry/ disseminate  the teachings of Shree Shirdi Sai amongst  the  masses and to thus  help the devotees  fill their lives with Sai ambrosia . Only the  grace and blessings of the supreme almighty  can help fulfill such  pious desires of man . Today,  under the  leadership and guidance of Shree Gurujee as head of the world Sai movement around 217 temples Shirdi  Sai temples have been constructed across the globe  which  spread the message of  the  greatness and divinity of Shri Shirdi Sai  ;  people all around the world  are desirous of seeking shelter at the  scared feet of Shri Sai  whose  ever flowing supreme compassion beckons all. The teachings of Shri Shirdi Sai encapsulated in words  “faith” (shraddha) and “patience”( saburi) reverberate all across the cosmos calling His children from ashore  to  seek blessings and shelter  of this mighty divine wish fulfilling  tree.

As  per the divine will , on 4th July 2003,  our beloved Shri Gurujee  — who is  heading  the world Sai movement  —accorded  His consent and support  to  publish an annual / yearly spiritual journal “SAI CHAYYA” which would show case the path of Sai to His millions of devotees thus fulfilling the desires of His devotees ; thereafter steps were initiated to  actualize the compiling and publishing  of the magazine .

Indeed, its our extreme good fortune that with the  grace of Shri Shirdi Sai and with blessings of Shri Gurujee,  on the holy day of Vijayadashmi in the year 2003 , the first issue of the yearly spiritual journal / magazine named “SAI CHHAYA” was published on behalf of Shree Shirdi Sai Peeth, Baripada. The Shirdi Sai temple, Baripada , was also completed in an amazingly short time span of around three and a half  months despite several construction hurdles and was inaugurated with the scared divine  hands of  our  beloved Shri Gurujee by performing the pran pratishtha ceremony of Shri Shirdi Sai on the  auspicious day of MahaVishnu Sankranti, 14th April 2001  , thus establishing the essence and soul of the Lord Shri Sai.

Though Shri Shirdi Sai has shed His earthly coils, yet the fragrance of His presence permeates the entire cosmos filling His devotees with ever flowing bliss and spiritual well being . SAI CHAYYA  journal  is a manifestation of the same essence  of Sai  and shares with  His devotees  the kindness and greatness of the ever compassionate merciful Shirdi Sai .

Despite logistical and other functional  constraints, it has been the constant  endeavour of the journal “Sai Chayya” to bring to His readers a continuous stream of  information about Shri Sai in form of   devotees experiences, expressions of thoughts, articles on Shri Sai, spiritual pearls of wisdom etc . so that the teachings of Shri Shirdi Sai becomes established in the hearts of His devotees and guide them in their daily life  of success and  trials .

With your support and words of appreciation (and feedback on the magazine) we are sure that “SAI CHAYYA” would continue marching ahead in its journey of  bringing awareness amongst the multitude about the greatness of divine Sadguru Shri Shirdi Sai so that all beings can find  rest under His merciful shade.

We pray to Shri Shirdi Sai and Shri Gurujee to guide us on this path – Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya !

!! Jai Shree Sai !!               !! Jai Shree Gurujee!!