Gurujee’s Message on Activation of Website

The opening of a Web-site to propagate the message of Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi by Shri Saumya Ranjan Mishra , Baripada is a desirable step because  of the back-ground that Baripada has now got a temple of Shirdi Sai which is alive with a large number of devotees. This is the first and most important temple of North Odisha and because of the inspirations from this temple, many more temples are likely to come-up in the neighbouring areas.Devotees all over the world are always eager to learn more and more about the Master. The theme of Baba is the same wheather it is at Chicago or at Baripada.It is this universalism of Baba that makes it necessary to spread informations about Baba all over the globe. I wish that this Web-Site will fulfill this requirement.

May Shri Sai bless all.

C.B. Satpathy