The Peeth

Baripada is the district  headquarter of Mayurbhanj of Odisha. It has been the capital of the BHANJA rulers for many decades till its merger with India on 1st Jan 1949. This city is situated on the  coast of the river Budhabalang. Prior to its merger , Mayurbhanj was a state and was ruled by the Bhanja Rulers, amongst whom  Maharajah Shree Ram Chandra Bhanj is very popular amongst the public for his benevolence and parental affection  . He introduced BRAHMA SAMAJ in Mayurbhanj. All the ancient rulers of Mayurbhanj  state were steeped  in spiritualism. Devi Kichaka is the Aradhya Devi (family Godess) of the Mayurbhanj Rulers. It is also believed that the Five Pandavas had also stayed at Mayurbhanj during their “Agyant Baas” ( period of exile in disguise). Devi Ambika is the Aradhya Devi of Mayurbhanj District. The Car Festival of Lord Jagannath temple of  Baripada  is the second biggest and second most popular in the world. It is believed that to maintain the honour  of the district and its  rulers, Lord Jagannath stayed at Baripada. The Jagannath Temple of Baripada has equal importance as that of Puri. This historical background emphasizes the rich spiritual- religious heritage of the people of Mayurbhanj.

The aspiration for   a devotional place where there is no limitations/boundaries of any religion(s) became fulfilled on 14th April 2001 when  the blessed son of Mayurbhanj Shree Chandrabhanu Satpathyji inaugurated the sacred temple of Shree Saibaba of Shirdi who is well-known for His unique principles and philosophy of humanism , tolerance, compassion and  love towards all .

On 14th April 2001, Revered  Guruji Sri C.B. Satpathyji performed  the inauguration ceremony of the temple   Shri Shirdi Sai Peeth  , Baripada ( Orissa) . Earlier on 14th August 2000, Guruji had performed the Bhoomi puja ceremony   of this temple after miraculously  completing the   land registration formalities   for this temple within a day (according to the experience of Sri Bijoy K Sahu). This temple was built within an amazingly short span  of three and a half  months. Shri Bhavani Mishra, the architect of the temple has creatively designed  the temple architecture . Two watchmen (dwarpals)  stand guard at  the entrance  gateway of this majestic temple greatly enhancing  the beauty of Baba’s resting place

Late Smt Harshamayee Satpathy( respected mother of Gurujee) and her family have donated the land for the construction of Shri Shirdi Sai Peeth temple. The temple is managed by  Baripada branch of Sri Sai Sewa Trust, Delhi and is patronized by Gurujee Sri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyjee.

The temple    is situated on the eastern coast of the Budhabalang river and  its foundation slants towards the river. The Budhabalang river is flowing at about 100 feet depth from this land point . A ‘Bel’ tree ( latin Aegle marmelos ; wood apple tree) grows naturally in  the temple premises which reminds us about  Baba’s devotee, Megha who worshipped Baba as shiva incarnate  and used to offer  bel leaves to Baba.

The temple is  situated in the heart of the city  near the Jagannath temple. It is about 3 and ½ k.m from the bus-stand and about 2 k.m away from the Baripada railway station.

Like every other Sai temple,  four   ARTIs are performed daily with all other regular features of Baba`s worship. Your temple  also celebrates other auspicious festivals associated with  Baba  like Ram Navmi, Guru Poornima, Maha Samadhi day of Baba with devotion and fervor. Besides,  weekly Palki Yatra (Chavdi) is also taken out on every Thursday evening. Today this temple has become a must-visit place for all the people of Baripada town and figures on the itinerary of other visitors to Baripada. The temple will  celebrate its tenth  anniversary on 14th April 2011.