“SAI MERA PALANHAR” –Devotional Music Album of Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji launched

On the auspicious occasion of Navmi , 23rd October2012 ,  devotional music album CD “SAI MERA PALANHAR”  featuring soul enchanting music  and lyrics of Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji was launched in presence of  Shri V.N.Khare , Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India  (Retd ) and Shri Arijit Pasayat ,  retired Judge of   Supreme Court of India ( now Chairman,  Authority of Advance Rulings , Ministry of Finance)  in a grand function at Sai Mahal, NOIDA ,  amidst presence of huge gathering  of Sai devotees.

Shri Chandra  Bhanu  Satpathyji `s  widely acclaimed music albums “Living with Sai “( Times Music) , “Aao Sai”( Times Music ), Tubhyam Namami (Times Music), Sai Nathaya Namah Namah (Sa Re Ga Ma), Hiryan Garbha Shriman Narayan Sai (Sa Re Ga Ma) have created a new era of soul stirring lyrics  and  ecstatic  music besides establishing new milestones of grossing highest units sales for Times Music and setting a benchmark for fine music and lyrics amongst music aficionados.

The  navami evening started  with traditional lamp lighting ceremony by Shri Chandra  Bhanu  Satpathyji  with   Shri V.N.Khare , Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India  (Retd ) and Shri Arijit Pasayat ,  ushering in the bountiful goodness of  the divine navratris festival .  The devotional music album CD “SAI MERA PALANHAR”  was thence released by Shri Chandra  Bhanu  Satpathyji ,   Shri V.N.Khare , Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India  (Retd ) and Shri Arijit Pasayat ,  retired Judge of   Supreme Court of India ( now  Chairman,  Authority of Advance Rulings, Ministry of Finance  ) amidst thunderous clapping of the gathering of the Sai  devotees.

The latest music album CD “SAI MERA PALANHAR” produced by T-Series  features some of the  finest melodious  musical compositions of  Shri Chandra  Bhanu  Satpathyji in the voice of leading singers like Sadhna Sargam, Suresh Wadekar, Javed Ali , Richa  Sharma . The mesmerizing  music has also been provided by Sri Chandra  Bhanu  Satpathyji . The audience were treated to the captivating scores of the newly released album.

Speaking on the   auspicious moment of the  launch ceremony, Shri Chandra  Bhanu  Satpathyji  said that navratras  have been traditionally considered to be sacred and auspicious ; due to the movement of sun and earth high levels of  energy forces get  accumulated which can be  imbibed by those on the spiritual path . Astrologically speaking   ,the celestial movement of sun (uttrayan) have always been associated with spiritual pursuits  and any spiritual  activity under taken during this period  yields positive results ; its not correct to conclude that material pursuits cannot be undertaken during this period . The high energy forces have been traditionally  symbolically represented by different deities ( energy ) representing the nine deities ( of navratras with its varied attributes ). Dr. Chandrabhanu Satpathy  said that the essence of Sai  is in the expansion of the consciousness and  movement  from  the microcosm to macrocosm . Dr. Satpathy informed the audience that   the auspicious navratras festival (also known  as Durga puja festival in some parts of the country ) began on Tuesday (October 16th , 2012) and culminated on Tuesday (October 23rd  , 2012), a coincidence which was last witnessed in the year 1978 and would reoccur around 27 years later.

Sharing  His thoughts on Shri Shirdi Sai movement  with the audience,  Shri Chandra  Bhanu  Satpathyji  said that the experiences and feelings of the devotees  in USA, Canada , UK  ,in other parts  of the world and in India  continues to be the same- — as  that of  loving devotee feeling a sense of belonging with Ever Compassionate Sai — Shri Shirdi Sai , who is a part of the family of the devotee.  Today , this feeling of belongingness  , of being with Sai , is growing into a World Sai phenomena and  many more Shirdi Sai  temples are coming up in different parts of USA  and even in South America . Dr. Satpathy said that as far as back in 1991 he had foreseen that Sai phenomena would bring the world together  in a cohesive harmonious manner ; between 2012 and 2025 , the path of Sai “SAI-ISM” would establish itself on the world map as a powerful  phenomena  calibrated by humanism , tolerance , faith and purity (as taught by Shri Shirdi Sai) .

Dr. Satpathyji said that material / technological advancements are also invariably accompanied with spiritual advancements as both material and spiritual are aspects  of the same factor   .  History is replete with examples of this fact — during Ashoka`s time, Buddha came ; Hazrat  Nizamudin Auliya`s  presence was a succor to the masses during Khilji dynasty`s regime and  many more such examples exist  . The teachings of Shri Shirdi Sai  of humanism are  increasingly becoming relevant with each passing day in today`s  strife torn world ; the temples of Shri Shirdi Sai  are  centres of  humanism which will continue to guide  generations as  a part of the universal consciousness   even  after the physical disappearance of the  concrete structure  say after 250- 300 years .  Its thus  Sai  pervades and remains relevant  .

Addressing the gathering ,  Shri V.N.Khare , Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India  (Retd ) said that the essence of  living lies in sharing with others as enunciated by  Shri Shirdi Sai . Shri Arijit  Pasayat, retired Judge of   Supreme Court of India ( now  Chairman,  Authority of Advance Rulings ) shared his thoughts with the gathering on this joyous occasion. Shri Arijit  Pasayat said that  he personally met Dr. Chandrabhanu Satpathy for the first time in Shirdi in a state of Samadhi ;  he had heard about  His( Shree  Satpathyji`s ) devotion for  Shri Shirdi  Sai through an acquaintance earlier but  could-not meet him earlier  for one reason or the other  , as fate would have it.  Looking back, he said , it can be said that this meeting in Shirdi was not a mere coincidence . Shri Arijit Pasayat said that it is a matter of deep  honor and privilege for him  to address a divine persona  as  Shree Satpathy  as his younger brother—Shree Satpathy  who is known and recognized as a Master and widely known in India and abroad for His Works relating to Shri Shirdi Sai , in music, literature et al. Shri Arijit Pasayat said that he felt great to be a part of the (today`s ) launch ceremony , in being associated with Sai.

A beautifully choreographed dance sequence set to the music of the song “koi kahe re ram tujhe …”(from   music album  CD “SAI MERA PALANHAR”  ) presented by young dancer Ms Ahana Ray ( in the lead) with other members(of the group) received appreciation from the audience .  Ms Jyotsna anchored  the programme seamlessly .

The same CD has also been Released at Shree Shirdi Sai Peeth,Baripada on 28th October by Dr. Chandrabhanu Satpathy himself at the temple.

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