Revered Gurujee at the NASVILLE(USA) Rathyatra-2011

Lord Jagannath`s Rath Yatra festival celebrated in Nasville , USA: Shree Gurujee performs Chhera Pahanra. Lord Jagannath is the essence of living ( life ) :Gurujee

Thousands of devotees participated with fervor and enthusiasm in the auspicious Lord Jagnnath`s Grand Chariot festival organized by Jagannath Society of America in Nasville , Tennessee ( USA) on 10th July 2011 . Revered Gurujee Shree Chandra Bhanu Satpathyjee was invited as the chief guest by the Jagannath Society of America in the holy Rath Yatra festival ; Shree Gurujee solemnized the “chhhra pahanra” ritual of the chariots of Lord Shri Balbhadra , Devi Subhadra and Lord Shri Jagannath.

Revered Gurujee addressed the huge gathering of devotees of Lord Shri Jagannath on this auspicious occasion during the festival. The morning programme of the Chariot Festival commenced with the ceremonial worship rituals, pooja and archana. Later in the afternoon, the chief guest of the occasion Revered Gurujee Shree Chandra Bhanu Satpathyjee on his arrival was accorded the traditional ceremonial welcome by the organizers of Jagannath Society of America and was led to the sanctum sanctorum. Against the backdrop of melodious incantations of bhajans recital of Lord Shri Jagannath by the renowned Odia singers Shantanu Mohapatra and Sangeeta Gosain, Revered Gurujee performed the traditional prayers, archana of Mahaprabhu Lord Shri Jagannathji, Devi Subhadra ji and Lord Shri Balbhadra ji enthusing the devotees with devotion and spiritual fervor.

During “pahandi” the huge enthusiastic gathering of devotees carried the deities in procession, the celestial wheel Shri Sudarshan Charkra, followed by Lord Shri Balbhadra, Devi Subhadra and Lord Shri Jagannath on the way to the grand chariot to the accompaniment of beats of traditional taal, dhol, cymbals and bhajans. Revered Gurujee performed the traditional ceremonial “chhera pahanra” ritual of the chariots of Lord Shri Jagannath ji , Devi Subhadra ji, Lord Shri Balbhadra ji before the start of the chariot pulling by devotees . Later Shree Gurujee addressed the huge gathering of devotees on all pervasive Supreme Mahaprabhu — Lord Shri Jagnnath.

Shree Gurjee’s spiritual discourse enlightened the devotees about the divine, Omnipresent , mystic spiritual philosophy and elements of Lord Shri Jagannath (path). He stated that to imbibe the underlying essence (wholeness) of philosophy of Lord Shri Jagnnath, one would have to first understand the magnificent divinity and universalism of Lord Shri Jagannath . Throughout the history of mankind on this earth, a common parameter of acknowledgment & acceptance of the existence of God (Eeshwar) is prevalent in all the religions. Irrespective of the religion (and its path,concepts), the existence of a Supreme Power (force/ being/ entity)can not be denied which prevades the whole cosmos. This Supreme Power may be termed as Eeshwar, Allah, Parbrahmn or may be called by any other name (This may vary from path to path –added by Ed ) .All living, non–living beings, entity(ies), universe , earth have manifested from this Supreme power and after completing the cycle of life and death merges into (returns to) it . Ever since the creation of this universe , man has always held this belief and made efforts to realize this eternal truth. God is a sovereign repository of unimaginable inexhaustible undefined power and its reach is not limited to any one planet , universe etc. alone —its supreme , eternal, unbound , all encompassing power and divinity embraces every thing in itself. The God lords over innumerable cosmos, universe, solar systems , planets , stellar systems, as its supreme Controller – Creator. Lord Shri Jagannath is the Supreme Controller of all … His domain of influence (Control) is not limited to Puri alone but pervades the entire Cosmos (Whole) . The distinct apparent influence of Lord Shri Jagannath can be seen in the spiritual, cultural, social , historical , architectural , paintwork , literary , artistic, music , and every aspect of living ( all aspects/ fields of life ) in Odisha . Infact, Lord Shri Jagannath is the essence of life and its (life) flow .

Revered Shree Gurjuee said that Lord Shri Jagannath Dharm (path ) is not a part of Bhagwat dharm . Rather Bhagwat dharm is a part(/stream) of Lord Jagnnath Dharm (path) and arises therefrom … .Besides, every path (dharm) be it Shaiva , Vishnu Cult , or be it Shakti path all area part of Lord Shri Jagnnarth Dharm (path). Lord Shri Jagannath Dharm(path) also encompasses , integerating other streams like Nilamadhav, Buaudha, Jaininsm , Aryan Dharm etc , which too are a part of it . Lord Jagnnath`s Path being the oldest path encompasses (embraces ) every other path. Lord Jagananth depicts Ardhnageshwar symbolically. Lord Jagannath is the manifestation of both , the form and the formless God .

After the enlightening speech of Revered Shree Gurujee Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji , famous dancer Shri Nityanand Das (handicapped- with one leg) and his assistant Shri Bijay Kumar Dash presented a beautiful dance performance “ Pangu langhayate Giriam” before the audience.   The festival concluded with the felicitation of Revered Shree Gurujee by presentation of citation – award on behalf of the organizers of Jagannath Society of America. In His thanks giving speech to the organizers of Jagannath Society of America on being felicitated, Shree Gurujee exhorted the gathering to sincerely research the path of Lord Shri Jagannath and also announced financial support in providing prosthesis to the handicapped dancer Shri Nrityanand Das to the thunderous applause of the house .

The programme concluded with thankful acknowledgment and appreciation of efforts of the Organizers — Shri Manoj Satpathy, Shri Pravir Das and Shri Panchanan Satpathy —whose dedicated hard work underlined the mammoth successful organization of Grand Chariot festival programme possible with tremendous response and participation of devotees of the Lord Jagnnath in the festival.


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