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  1. saileela99 says:

    Visited this page to have my Guruba’s Darshan, but there are no pics and thumbnails

  2. swagatjena says:

    I m a s/w engineer.If you want any type of help from mine then just tell me .Also I can help u to increase fuctionalities of this page.

    Jay Sainath

  3. sai_sourav says:

    jay sai nath

  4. yukti tiwari says:

    jai sai ram

  5. samal2020 says:

    we are one……………….

  6. mintughosh82 says:

    Om Sai Ram

  7. swagatjena says:

    this website is very good

  8. kirit das says:

    I would love to visit this place,my grand mother is from baripada,and our residence in baripada is opposite library ,thats what i remember about the city,i visited baripada some 15 years back,though i always plan to go to baripada during my visit to odisha,it never has happened i guess because of my complascency,but i am sure for me, ‘SAIPEETH’ would be the reason to visit baripada whenever i visit odisha next,INSHA ALLAH

  9. kirit das says:

    can we expect a translation of GURU BAGHVATA either in english or hindi soon?
    cant we also try to translate Baba’s Arti(marathi) into english or hindi?Regards,Kirit.

    • admin says:

      As you know GURU BHAGAVATA is written in ODIA language and at DELHI some about 8 Temples are providing learning and understanding ODIA language two hundreds of devotees, which is initiated with the interest of Revered Gurujee. So I would like to suugest you instead of translating it in HINDI or ENGLISH, you should learn ODIA to understand it as its real pleasure is DICTATING in ODIA language. But as I know, some temples st DELHI are providing translations of GURU BHAGAVATA’s few parts in ENGLISH & HINDI language….

      Regarding translation of ARTI in english & hindi then you can get these books at any temple store of SHREE SHIRDI can search for “SAINATH SAGUNOPASANA”….

      Thanks…JAY SHREE SAI….

  10. santanu says:

    I heard the songs from the new CD – AAO SAI. They are simply awesome. Each song has its own falvor and so different. Beautifully sung by the singers, best part is the music and lyrics. They are so refreshing, devotional and intriguing like pure poetry.
    I had the rare opportunity to meet Gurujee in person. I would cherish those 60 minutes of his presence and blessings for life.

  11. Shanu says:

    I got the opportunity to see Guruji aswell. Can anybody tell me How, to contact guruji, his phone number or else an email ID

    • saumyasai says:

      Have Shraddha & Saburi in mind. You don’t need any media for contact with the LORD if you have these 2 for HIM in your mind. Read Shree Sai Satcharitra. Your confusion will be cleared and you will get the answers of all your questions..JAY SHREE SAI…

  12. Manoj Kumar Mohanta says:

    Thanks for up loading the events…May Shree Sai. & Shree Gurudev Bless U…

  13. Manoj Kumar Mohanta says:

    Thanks for up loading the events…May Shree Sai. & Shree Gurudev Bless U…

  14. yashtraveler says:

    This blog is sharing so many information to me. Sai baba

  15. yashtraveler says:

    This is great pleasure to me see the Pran Pratishtha of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple here. I always visit to Shirdi Temple. This is only place I found the extreme peace and pleasure. Thank for sharing the Post with nice images.