Ram Navami Message-2017

Reality, Virtual Reality and Ultimate Reality

Change is the essence of our human society, even though, the entire universe is perennially in a state of flux. It is the change in nature, within and without, that creates the dynamics of evolution. Life evolved out of certain changes that took place on the surface of the earth. Such changes bring about the birth, growth or decay of all organic forms on earth. Decay or death of an organic creation is not the end, as it leads to transmutation.

Yes, the changes are coming in a big way. Over the last two decades, certain environmental, meteorological, astronomical & social trends have taken the common man by surprise, if not the scientists and the Seers. Weather conditions have been changing erratically & unexpectedly in different parts of the globe, e.g., rains in deserts and melting of the Arctic Ice Cap. Even if human beings are trying to recover the ancient knowledge of their ancestors for survival, the changes brought in by nature and events precipitated by it in the form of weather, earthquakes etc. and all the happenings in space, can’t be controlled.

The baby in the lap of the mother will always be affected by the conditions that affect her. Similarly, our Mother Earth is undergoing certain major & critical changes and so, all of us would also have to face such changes. Further, our human consciousness is affected by such changes in a major way. The higher energy field emitted by the earth (some people name it as the Photon Belt) is affecting the human beings at many levels i.e., physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Not much literature is available on this band of energy. Nevertheless, it is propelling the human beings to enter into the realm of mysticism & spirituality. If one browses the Internet he will come across so many individuals /groups engaging themselves in subtle activities like mental healing, yoga in various forms, nature cure etc. Such activities are being welcomed by a sizable population on the earth as a panacea to their maladies.

Exceptional growth of technology in the work/business place and business and the innovations are altering the working environment. Earlier, we created the thoughts and the machines translated our thoughts to machine language and action. Today, we want appliances or machines to think with us and, where possible, to think for us. A few innovations that are perceptibly changing the world will play a greater role in future.

In future, technology may not be used for handling each of the small functions separately by us as is the case today. The faster process would be to create ‘Virtual Assistants’ that will factorise the functionality of different types of applications using a single user interface. The second important change, that is already in the process, is the rise of the cyber space. Creation of separate cyber space by merging reality, mixed or hybrid reality & virtual reality is coming. Because of this the social media will also undergo a major transformation. For e.g., Facebook, which is using virtual reality, must be in a process of creating a new cyber space for merging the reality, hybrid reality & the virtual reality.

Third is the expansion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only for critical functions but also for common people. Among other things the Applications will understand human speech, cognitive thinking (human emotion), virtual assistance of hyper intelligence, security software for biometrics. An example is GitHub of Microsoft. This toolkit can be used to create other applications. It can work on the recognition feature of face. ‘Internet of things’ (I.O.T.) will affect all the sectors of human civilization like industry, farming, domestic /office sectors and research & education. Today, the industry-related I.O.T. exists, e.g., Rolls Royce aircraft engines, which send real time data to the manufacturers in order to predict potential problems and prevent disaster.

Fourth, IT sector bringing about business revolutions about which much cannot be penned down due to the constraint of space in this article.

Thus, the human society is progressively facing newer challenges. Such changes are brought about by the subtle forces of nature. At the highest level of their understanding, the saints attribute such changes wrought on the earth to Divine Will.

We therefore, render our humblest prayers at the feet of the Ultimate Divine Reality to equip us physically, mentally and spiritually to face these changes and survive.

Dr. C. B. Satpathy, Gurugram