Ram Navami 2002

Who is God or who is the Sadguru? This is a question on which people generally ponder particularly the devotees of Baba. Through the medium of books, mantras, temple priests, Pundits and Saints, they try to get the answer. Hinduism proclaims that through Karmayoga, Gyanyoga, Baktiyoga and Raja Yoga, God can be realised and be understood through a process of spiritual evolution. More the pain and misery in society, more the people seek for divine compassion. Some people approach the Mantrics, Tantrics and Astrologers to understand their future. Taking the advantage of this situation some people are offering new pseudo-religious solutions and giving wide publicity to attract simpletons. Some have gone on advertisements to say that they can rouse the ‘Kundalini’ Shakti of anyone immediately. Others are selling various emulates like items which they proclaim can solve the intended human problems and ensure spiritual evolution rather easily. Without the least understanding about the lofty, difficult and sadhana-based path of Hindu yoga Sastras, some people are deceiving the people with self-created concepts some of which are adopted from Indian and Western Occult vocabulary. All the great saints had always warned people to be careful about such characters. Those who come under the influence of such people waste a lot of precious time and money.

Even when such knowledge about God had not been evolved in mind, human beings did exist in the Gods creation. They were experiencing God at the level of their consciousness and experience, even though human language had not been created to codify these. Surely the men of the Stone Age must have experienced God in them as much as the man of the Iron Age. The people of Mohenzodaro must have experienced God in a certain way as the Aryans who tried to experience Him through Yagnyas and rituals. Even today simple human beings are experiencing God at the level of their perception, even though they do not possess the language to describe their divine experiences. All this indicates just one thing that God is what each person experiences. When we evolve tomorrow, we will perceive and experience Him differently. Anyone who has achieved some supernatural powers through Yoga practices will experience Him in yet another form. All other knowledge on God gained through here-say, or reading of books etc. can be termed as ‘relative knowledge’, because it is not experienced. Since ‘relative knowledge’ is not the real knowledge, it does not benefit substantially till ‘direct knowledge’ is gained. The lives of the saints like Kabir, Shri Sainath and Nanak etc. became simple and pure because they had direct experience of God. It is true that all rivers taking different paths, straight or crooked will ultimately meet the Sea. Similarly all the paths that human beings adopt will ultimately lead to God. But will a traveler moving through a crooked, difficult and long journey reach the destination easily and safely, when moving with a band of thugs and cheaters? There is every possibility that he will be waylaid and yet more dangerous are the chances of his being robbed by the thugs both of his money and time. Since such people know the art of attracting the travelers, there is a great chance that spiritual evolution will be impeded. Hence a true guide is needed.

We worship our Sadguru Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi because, even after leaving His human form this great divine soul continues to give us some kind of divine experience and bliss. He came only to give and nothing to take. If we closely study the life history of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba during his stay at Shirdi for nearly sixty years it will become evident that he continues to give the benefits to His devotees just as he used to do when in Shirdi in a physical form. Devotees of Baba when constructing temples or doing any work in his cause or name should not be proud of their doership as the faith and strength to carry on such activities are given by Baba only. The relation of the Sadguru with His devotees is not limited to one life but does spread over a number of lives. When a human being gets attracted towards the Sadguru, one thing is sure that he must have accumulated lots of merits in his previous lives. The most important role of the Sadguru lies in his great vision to change the whole world into a family on this earth. Experience has shown that those people who render maximum possible help to others and who have created Sai organizations, are the best recipients of Baba?s blessings, if they have done so without seeking any returns.

Shri Das Guru Maharaj spread the name of Shri Sai in the nooks and corners of India, Kaka Saheb Dixit contributed his best in forming the Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan as it is known today and brought harmony among people through the Sai Leela magazine which he started. Shyama used to take part in functions arranged by many organizations/individuals on behalf of Baba, Mahasapati and Tatya Kote Patel rendered immense service to Baba being with Him always, and Shri Anna Saheb Davolkar, spread the name of Baba throughout the globe through his magnificent creation called “Shri Sai Satcharitra”. The Sai devotees take the names of these people today, notwithstanding the fact that some of them did not have any formal education or degree. But those unfortunate souls who even when working in Babas temple and getting the blessings of Baba are not able to clear the mental cobwebs of negative thinking surely create differences among the devotees and disturb the pious vibration in the temples. Some of them are more demonstrative in their Bhakti to impress others while nourishing ill feelings towards them. They will get inner happiness only if they correctly follow the path of Baba as reflected in “Shri Sai Satcharitra”.

I may advice that people should focus their thoughts on Baba and His sayings as depicted in “Shri Sai Satcharitra” instead of running around here and there in search of God or for the evolution of their soul. Under all conditions of happiness and unhappiness they should always remember and depend on Baba as advised by Him. If they continue to do so with faith and concentration slowly the deeper inner knowledge about Baba will be revealed and they will receive the divine experiences. Only then their contribution to the human welfare will be distinctive and others will learn from them. A candle will light many other candles.

Shri C B Satpathy


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