New Year 2000

The world-thought is focussed today on millennium 2000. Millions of people’s hopes and thoughts for a better tomorrow is finding expression through various media. The two world wars and a number of international, inter-religious, inter-racial conflicts have reduced the faith of human beings in themselves as the loftiest projection of divinity on earth. Through new inventions and discoveries, not only in the field of science but also in the realm of thought and imagination, a new civilization is taking shape. The exploration of the Cosmic infinite and the understanding of the behaviour of the minutest sub particles in an atom are expanding the knowledge of relative and quantum dynamics of nature. Yet man is unhappy and periodically revealing his base character. The next millennium will, therefore, not depend as much on the materialistic development as it would on the development of an evolved character of humanity for its continued progress.

History is replete with examples of how the mighty Minoan, Nile Valley, Roman civilizations failed after reaching the zenith of materialism, and also that whenever any civilization suffered from moral bankruptcy, God, the Almighty had to incarnate in human form to re-stabilize the unbalancing forces of nature including human nature. Call it Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha or Prophet, it has been experienced that with the rise of material aspect of God, the spiritual aspect of God has also risen parallel. Therefore, if we envision the next century to bring us to the height of materialistic prosperity, we must also pray to bring to us the spiritual loftiness. We pray to Baba to incarnate divinity and save the complex, cynical and agonized human race and usher in an age of simplicity, positive thinking and happiness. Individually, we must try to develop these traits in us to a greater degree by always keeping Sai in our hearts.

Shri C B Satpathy


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