Maha Samadhi 2010

Scientific research tells us that during the last many thousands of years many species have been extinguished on this earth. Some of these species like the Dinosaurs were much more powerful physically than most of the other species of that time. It is because they could not adjust with the onslaughts of the changing environmental conditions of the time that they became extinct. Various theories have been propounded for cause of such environmental changes. This is so because these physically gigantic and powerful species did not have the required level of intelligence to fight against such natural catastrophes as their cerebral capacity had not been developed. On the other hand the human race survived such dire situations due to its superior intelligence. From the stages of the Cave Man, the Iron Man to the stage of the modern man the human race, at every stage of evolution, proved the Darwinian principle of the ‘survival of the fittest’.

At the early stages of evolution the human race did not have the concept of God as we understand today. It was afraid of natural forces like fire, thunder, rains and even dangerous animals like the snakes, tigers and others. In order to escape from onslaught of these forces of nature the early man started a process of their appeasement. The process of appeasement was based on fear and not love. Later, the human mind imagined and created concepts like the Gods of war, of good crop, of health cure etc with the hope to make life more comfortable with their help. As the intelligence and consciousness of human beings started evolving their concepts about God also started evolving. They started having the idea of a mighty divine power and gave it different names as God, nature, spirit etc.

Through the experience of ages human beings experienced the existence of their own consciousness. Through the search of their own consciousness they conceived the idea of an all pervading Super Conscious entity which they termed as God. Gradually they linked their own origin from this Super Conscious Being. Further they realised that every thing on this earth and the universe emanated from this Super Conscious Being. Having realised this they started worshipping this all pervading and creative consciousness of nature. The initial systems of worship were thus based on the human ideas to get maximum help and least trouble from the various forces of nature and the highest Supreme Conscious Being called God. Some human beings carried out experiments on their own consciousness through the process of concentration and meditation. Some of them experienced the intrinsic link between their consciousness and the Super Consciousness. They realised that their consciousness is a part of this Supreme Consciousness and that after living in the human body their consciousness would merge with it. It is because of such superior intelligence that the human race became superior to all other species on this earth. Some of the most advanced researchers besides realising the existence of God in them also learnt the process of drawing extra powers and capabilities from the Master-source of all living and non-living powers. Through the use of such powers they started helping other human beings and species. They are called as Saints or the Masters whom the human apotheosises and worships. Let us pray to them.

May Shri Sai bless us all.

Shri C. B. Satpathy, New Delhi

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