Maha Samadhi 2005

There are a few major differences between other species and the human beings. Human beings or the homo?sapiens race has established itself as the most superior race on this earth because of the superiority of its mental faculties. These capacities grew stage by stage through innumerable stages of self experiments conducted by nature on itself. What we call as nature is the limited manifestation of the sovereign divine power called Brahma or Ishwara. Thus, that ultimate power manifested as universe, solar system, earth etc. Thereafter, it created the living organisms, birds, animals and ultimately human beings through different stages of growth in consciousness.

All other species have instinctive intelligence but what human beings exclusively possess is intellect. This intellectual consciousness of a man is a combination of his mental faculties like memory, recall, analytical ability and qualities of heart like lovehatred, selfishness-self sacrifice, anger-calmness, intolerance-patience etc. The highly developed human brain computer takes all these factors into consideration in giving a solution to any problem. It is again this intellect that has created the loftiest and greatest systems in the earth – social, economic, religious, political and spiritual etc.

Man’s intellect has penetrated into the micro world of elements and the macro dimensions of space. The last two to three decades have witnessed “intellectual explosion” in the world. Movement in space, cloning of animals, transplantation of human organs, sub-earth discoveries, micro analysis of elements, wire?less communication, to mention a few, have revolutionalised human civilization and given human beings immense power to control nature, almost bordering on divinity.

Commensurately, the pressure on human brain has increased tremendously. Newer concepts are entering into our thinking system making the old concepts redundant. It is happening so fast that most of us are finding it difficult to adjust to this rapid transition whereas it is easy for the new generations to adjust at a faster pace due to the nascent state of their mind. The older generations find it to be heavily at odds with their old concepts and style of thinking. This obviously is creating a lot of maladjustment in individuals with different levels of sensitivities and also greater maladjustment in the social fabric. Such mal?adjustments are reflecting in the assertion of selfish individualism beyond proportions, discords between parents and offsprings, large number of divorce in marital life, material approach to emotional aspects of life and a mad race to compete in the material world at the cost of finer aspects of life. This has happened in many civilizations earlier and by the law of selfcontradiction these civilizations lost their glory. This mal-adjustment between the material and the emotional world brought the downfall of the mighty Roman, Indus Valley and many other civilizations.

The answer to such confusion does not lie in assertion of egoism or selfish individualism at the cost of greater social good but to accept the ways of others, with their perfections and imperfections. Love is not acceptance of only the best in the loved one but is the total acceptance of the entire personality. This is what Baba preached and practiced at Shirdi. Only He was capable of bringing the divergent groups of individuals belonging to different castes, religions, creeds and different socioeconomic status under a single banner – i.e. the banner of humanism. The world needs to follow this concept today, to make tomorrow a better place to live.

Shri C B Satpathy


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