Guru Purnima-2019 Message

Devotees often ask a question “Sai Baba has probably left me as I am not having the same intense feeling for Him as I used to have before”. Also, that “these days why is Sai Baba not helping me out of my problems if He has made a vow to take care of His devotees”. No wonder that even when Baba was at Shirdi, a few devotees used to ask the same question, at times.

Like a mother to a child, the Sadguru never leaves His devotees to suffer anguish and pain. As the experience of many devotees indicates, Baba takes care of His devotees in His inscrutable ways. One of the important promises of Baba before He entered His Mahasamadhi is, “I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me.” Given this promise of Baba, a distraught devotee should search within his heart to find if he has truly surrendered to Sai Baba. Is he prepared and qualified to get His blessings in a manner that he desires.

The word spiritualism or adyakmikta truly implies the expansion and expression of one’s spirit to evolve his sensitivity to the pain and suffering of others. The Sadgurus are adhyatmikta, in the true sense of the term, as they are extremely sensitive to the pain of their devotees and others. When the devotees are in pain, they try their best to remove their problems so that the devotees can undertake spiritual and ethical practices in a peaceful condition. Umpteen number of anecdotes mentioned in Shri Sai Satcharita exemplify such acts of kindness of the Sadguru.

Divine love like, any other type of love, creates concerns about separation from the lover or beloved one. Such apprehension at times, takes the form of anguish and anxiety. This probably has been in the thoughts of the devotees who had put the questions as stated above.

The Sadgurus say: “To those of whom, I bestow the pure essence, I will first redeem from all that is impure.” The obstructions created by the impurities of the mind and body need to be removed before the divine can permeate the inner recesses of consciousness.

Once a Sadguru enters one’s life, slowly but surely, everything else like the caste, religion, race and temporal status of the devotees becomes unimportant. Soon the existence of the devotee rotates around the Sadguru to whom he submits his intelligence, ego, and ultimately all. If the right bhava or devotion is present, everything else just follows. The Sadguru’s power of compassion works through the medium of His glances, touch, words, or even just His thoughts.

However, the devotees should, at the beginning strive to make themselves capable of receiving the divine knowledge and grace of the Guru. Divine grace is not a matter of demand or usurpation. It is bestowed on a devotee when the Guru’s heart is filled with compassion for him. Let’s remember this on this day.

Jai Shri Sai.

Dr. C.B. Satpathy, Gurugram