Guru Purnima-2013 Message

320040_10200422909468788_743187319_nHuman beings have an infinite capacity to adapt and cope with adverse and challenging conditions presented in everyday life and within their natural ecosystem. Whether by choice or compulsion, the human spirit has the tenacity and creativity to withstand and adjust in the most trying circumstances. Our forefathers, from the Stone Age and millenniums thereafter, survived natural hazards like floods, earthquakes, impact of asteroids, jungle fires and diseases despite limited intelligence. Their life, at that point of time, without any knowledge of science and technology, was fraught with immense and impending danger all the time. Dying of starvation was an ever-present danger. The fear of more powerful and deadly animals kept them on the run from place to place. Each day seemed to be like a gift of God. They did not have the concept of God, as we understand, to give them a sense of protection. They were acting instinctively and not intellectually like the evolved human races that came much later in the scale of time. Yet the tiny human being prevailed even when the huge and mighty Dinosaurs perished.

From Stone Age to the modern age of advanced science and technology the human race has made a long and journey forward in the path of evolution. In its never-ending sojourn into the unknown realms, the human society is making forays into the newer and more advanced vistas of perceptive realities of our existence. Space journey, Genetic Engineering, Oceanic Explorations, Communication through the Internet, Nuclear Power, Cloning of some species are but a few examples of such advancement. Presently the earth’s environment is undergoing an ecological imbalance, evidence of which is available all over the media and Internet. Our science and technology is gearing up to these challenges. However, this is not for the first time that the earth is undergoing environmental and ecological changes. Over the last 4 billion years, the earth’s climate has changed several times such as, the Ice Age or Glacier Age. Similarly global warming is not a new phenomenon on earth. If the human race, without any knowledge of science and technology managed to survive through these extreme changes based on instinct and resourcefulness only, how can one imagine that the human society will be annihilated or destroyed when we have such continuously advancing scientific knowledge and technology?

On an astrological note, our ancient Indian civilization, has schools of thoughts and doctrines making future predictions. However, it is important to note, that the Indian Vedic seers were highly advanced in the Astronomical system of time calculation. Indian Astrology, based on Vedic astronomy, is more scientific and advanced than any other astrological system in the world. The Vedic astronomers have calculated time up to 15 digits or more. It proclaims the concepts of Kalpa, Manwantara, Maha Yuga and Yuga. According to Surya Siddhanta – the earliest tradition or doctrine of Archeo-Astronomy of the Hindus, the Kali Yuga started on 14th February 3102 BCE. The total period of time of the Kali Yuga is 432000 years and is running its 5115th year as on 2013 AD. Given this time scale how can any one accept the assertion that the Kali Yuga is getting over and Satya Yuga coming soon.

One is surprised to read news items forecasting the end of the world on a specific date and time.  Certain individuals and cults, the most recent example being the Mayan prophecy, have codified these claims hundreds of years back, projecting themselves as agents of God. Even they can be excused for their utter ignorance but how can the modern man, with all the benefits he is reaping through the use of science and technology, be excused for accepting such hilarious fantasies and worse still, running to astrologers and temples for saving himself from such a catastrophe. Given the mighty dimension of the perceived problem, how can any one think that ‘he’ alone will be saved by conducting such activities? It is interesting to note that, rarely any of these prophets of doom had ever imagined and written anything about the great scientific and technological advancements the human society has undergone. Did any one predict that during such and such period human beings would land on the Moon?

From the age of ten, I have been hearing about such impending doomsday scenarios intermittently. I have seen the panic reactions of people and the evil propitiation activities undertaken with frenzy – calling on the Astrologers, running to the temples, conducting Yagnas and many other activities. Some people, it seems, are ever prepared to listen to the preposterous predictions made by the Prophets of Doom rather that listening to the sayings of the Divine Prophets. Such an attitude creates panic and confusion rather than offering any solution. The true devotees of God or Sadguru should avoid reacting to such imprudent assertions made from time to time. After all, God and Perfect Masters are there to take care of our little existence Whenever our mind gets afflicted through such thoughts, we should render prayers to God the Sadguru to reveal the truth to us. Believe me, it works.


May Shri Sai bless us all on this Guru Poornima Day

Shri C. B. Satpathy

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