Guru Poornima 2005

Any attempt to understand and value the spiritual world on the basis of the purely materialistic knowledge of the material world is an exercise in futility. On the other hand, one who has tread along the spiritual path and has gained direct knowledge can handle the material world in a much better manner. Even if both spiritual and materialistic paths emanate from the same God, the spiritual path is finer and purer. It is not possible for any worldly man, to leave the material world and enter the spiritual path suddenly sheerly by his will. Such path is for the true spiritual practitioners, known as Yogis, Munis or Sanyasis. However, the spiritual depth and value of these true spiritual practitioners cannot be assessed by contact with the fraudulent ones who can be found everywhere these days. Yet most of the gullible people get attracted to them because of their attractive attire and speech. Since most of the people live amidst the world of impurities with a limited and distorted mind?set, they easily get attracted to these impure actors. The human beings who are purer and simpler in nature instinctively do not get attracted towards them. However, such people generally get attracted and attached when coming in contact with some purer souls like the genuine saints and Sadgurus. The impurer ones generally accept the impure human beings, projecting themselves as spiritual characters, as their gurus. The purer ones accept only the true Saints as their Gurus. This obviously leads to the conclusion that one’s Guru is what one wants and selects him to be. Or it may be said that the Guru is what one thinks him to be.

There are two types of people. Some of them are capable of seeing the positive side (Shubha) of every thing and there are others who are capable of seeing the negative side (Ashubha) of every thing. A man with an impure mental sight causes much harm to himself as his mind gets contaminated with the negative traits of his own thoughts progressively. He ultimately becomes a prisoner of his own thought and sees the worst in everyone and everything around even when in a temple or in association with the purer souls. As the worldly people going through the experience of negatives and positives in life try to evolve themselves out of their negativities so also the spiritually evolved souls (even with lots of positive qualities) continuously strive to eradicate their remaining negative qualities. Thus, all human beings at different stages of consciousness are in the continuous process of evolution – the evil and good alike.

The theories of different religions as also the different theories of Psychology agree on the point that ultimately a man’s nature gets conditioned by what he thinks continuously. One who continuously thinks about the bad qualities of others ultimately develops those qualities in him. The same is true of continuous good thoughts. One finds an interesting story in “Shri Sai Satcharitra” about this. A person used to speak ill of another person at Shirdi when Shirdi Sai Baba was there. Later when he met Baba, the latter asked him to look at the pig devouring dirt with relish and commented – “look how happily he is eating the dirt. You have been speaking ill of your brother to your utter satisfaction and so your nature has become as evil.”

Thus in this world of material illusions even educated people, coming in contact with people harbouring evil thoughts against others, get easily contaminated. Far to speak of spiritual evolution, such an approach towards others ultimate leads them morally downwards. The best way to save one from such a situation is to pray Baba when a negative thought comes to mind or to recite his name silently or read Shri Sai Satcharitra.

Shri C B Satpathy


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