Guru Poornima 2004

Some people view and see scientific knowledge as a method of understanding the different laws of nature with a view to control and apply these for the benefit of the human race. They view the scientific discoveries, inventions, newer technologies from intellectual, empirical and utilitarian points of view which can be cognized directly through the cognitive faculties like the eyes and ears or indirectly through artifacts created by them (for example: radio, transistor transmitting electronic waves). Whereas this is not contradicted, there are very few people who interconnect their rational approach with the spiritual approach pursued by some others. These two separate approaches if not looked at in a holistic manner, lead to certain contradictions. The purely spiritual group says that there is a God who cannot be seen and proved in the manner in which scientific evidences are established and can only be experienced.

On the other hand, the purely scientific groups argue that but for such evidence, the so called God, his mythological concepts and miracles cannot be accepted. These two approaches at the extreme end would have rendered the human civilization apart had not the majority of humanity believed in the existence of a supernatural power called God or called by whatever name. Although human societies have changed, their economic and political factors have changed, yet the God concept has never changed. For the Hindus, Ram remains Ram, for the Christians, Christ remains Christ and for the Muslims, Prophet Mohamed remains Prophet Mohamed, notwithstanding, the fact that societies propounding such faiths have undergone vast changes in their economic, social and political lives over time.

All such thoughts bring to mind a fundamental question – can there be a God who has created two unrelated and independent principles- scientific principles and the spiritual principles? Is it that scientific principles, like the discoveries and technology created by the human brain, are a mere chance occurrence in the gradual process of evolution or can they be viewed from a spiritualistic angle or vision? Yesterday, when Einstein expounded his theory on inter-connectivity between matter and energy in his famous formula, E=MC2 he tried to explain the entire universe through this single equation. He could not succeed because he could not comprehend the interconnectivity between consciousness, energy and matter. Nevertheless, Einstein was a genius and he did acknowledge that he experienced an infinite subtle world much beyond the perceptible matter and energy world which he was unable to explain. In other words, Einstein, the great scientist experienced and had the intellectual honesty to express his limitations about the subtle energy field existing in the world beyond. Had a genius like Einstein gone a little ahead and approached the issue from a different angle as has been explained in many spiritual books like the Gita and the Bible, he could, perhaps, have been able to connect the apparently diversified theorems into a single formulation. Had he developed the sixth sense of the spiritual practitioners and saints, he could have unearthed more about the subtle forms of the universe and nature. If Einstein is taken as a model, it means that it is possible for the scientific?oriented minds to have a different approach towards the unearthing of the mysteries of nature in the manner followed by the great seers of various religions. But rarely have human beings come across such great personalities like Pythagoras of ancient Greece. When the spiritual masters in different forms gave a spiritual thrust to the nascent human civilization, they obviously did not jump steps and straightaway start teaching theology and philosophy. At that stage what they did was to generate certain types of logic in the human minds without which it would not have been possible for them to pick up the finer aspects of nature. Hence, the simple logic generated in the minds of human beings were used to grow greater logic at later stages. What they taught was simple arithmetic (relating to numbers) and geometry (relating to shapes) and out of this mathematics, other branches of science developed.

Through these symbols they could explain the different phenomena of the vast world of nature more easily. At the second stage they gave the concepts of architectural designs, alchemy, etc. Like a newborn child looking at the world around with a surprised look, the human race started picking these concepts up rather anxiously. Once they were ready, their brain cells were geared to make higher scientific discoveries, etc. through the use of this logic. A few individuals who were ready for it were then systematically given the thought process and it is these individuals who propounded the theories of science like Marconi’s Law of Radio waves, Newton’s Law of Gravity or Einstein’s Law of Relativity. Today, such discoveries and the related technology have gone to great extents like conquering the space, cloning, genetic engineering, etc. which yesterday if done by any human being would have been construed as a divine act. Logically, therefore the secrets of nature are being revealed to the human beings with a purpose of expanding the horizons of their knowledge through the expansion of the brain capacity. Given this background, it is evident that the very basis of scientific thought has emanated out of the thrust given by these spiritual beings who had incarnated on this globe with a superior intelligence. Obviously, when the earth had not experienced the subtle thought processes some souls stirred them and those souls must have carried such superior intelligence from their evolution in past lives. Commonly defined as transcendental intelligence, such intellects could not have achieved such levels of excellence in a single life time.

The inspirational revelations of many spiritual personalities holding such transcendental intelligence on this solar system (of which earth forms a part) is a near probability. Today in scientific literature, we can well see the imaginative depiction of such characters/events as inter stellar warfare, UFOs, etc as in the concepts. The present fourth human civilization is on the threshold of transcending to the fifth human race. More and more scientific discoveries and experimentations will be undertaken by a few generations of human beings and this will create a group which will have the potentiality of controlling the subtle forces of nature without the help of artifacts. That is, as the time progresses ahead, they will depend more and more on their inner faculties to capture and use the subtler forces of nature than to depend on the machines created by them. For example, they will communicate with each other through the subtle faculties of their brain, rather than using a telephone. The sixth sense of the intellectual faculty is bound to expand much more than it is today. Therefore, we have to look at the world of religion and the world of science from a totally different perspective. That perspective is to find the roots from which both scientific approach and religious approach evolved and establish their interconnectivity. Thus if the contradictions between the two approaches can be reconciled then the benefit of science and technology shall not be used for destructive purposes. It would be coloured through the spiritual approach of kindness and tolerance.

Shri C B Satpathy


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