Guru Poornima 2000

Whatever the form and the shape may be, the ultimate truth is that God, Sadguru and the soul are one and the same. The realization of one leads to the realization of the other two. The ultimate power that we call ‘Parabramha’ has manifested Himself as human beings through a process of evolution-inorganic and organic evolution. These human souls go through incalculable number of births and deaths before they reach their original state of God, the Almighty. All souls will ultimately have to go back to the ultimate state. Thus, the evolution of the human souls is nothing but souls going back to its original state.

Some of these souls, because of the kindness of the Sadguru, develop spiritually faster than others and experience God while in a human body. After leaving their human body, such souls retain their memory and knowledge of their past lives. They die consciously which means they do not experience the state of death experienced by an ordinary individual whose awareness of the gross world totally vanishes after death. The others who always retain their consciousness whether with a body a without a body are known as ‘Jivanmuktas’ i.e., persons who have got out of the cycles of birth and death. They are in a state of pure consciousness. They having experienced miseries and tribulations of mortal human existence, try to impart there knowledge, and also to help the other souls to realize their original God state, so that they can also get?out of the clutches of birth and death. Because of their infinite compassion they descend on earth with a human body out of their own volition just to help the suffering humanity. They draw other human souls to themselves by certain methods yet undiscovered by science, and go on evolving them life after life till they reach the ultimate destination i.e., God. This is what Sri Sai Baba used to do sitting in that unknown village called Shirdi.

These great souls are called the Sadgurus or Perfect Masters or Qutubs or Adepts. Shirdi Sai Baba was not only the Param Sadguru of His time but is the incarnation of this Age. That is why even after departure from the physical existence His influence is spreading allover the globe. Highly self-motivated devotees are doing yeoman job to propagate His preaching. Sai is as He was. Today under His benefic influence, the Sai Age has dawned and this is what every devotee has to understand.

The role of the incarnation is more expansive and spreads over thousands of years. We should celebrate Gurupurnima as a token of love for these great souls who made total sacrifice of themselves for the evolution of mankind, and ameliorating the sufferings of crores of human beings that come in direct or indirect contact with them. The least one can do to these infinitely merciful entities is to remember them, pray to them and follow them.

Shri C B Satpathy


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