Experience of Shree Bijay K Sahu on Bhoomi Puja

Around 6.30am of 12th august 2000 , the telephone rang . Listening to the soft mellifluous voice of Baba (i.e. Guruji) at the other end of the line, I became transfixed. In  His soft voice,  he told me  to go to Baripada on the next day i.e. 13th August 2000 to start the work for Baripada temple. Shailendraji had already arrived on 12th to accompany me  to Baripada.

I accompanied  with Shailendraji (managing trustee of Sai Sewa Trust, Gurgaon) and Bibhu (my friend) started for   Baripada at around noon and reached Baripada by  evening of 12th August 2000. We were surprised to find  Guruji  waiting for us, as if he knew the exact  time of our arrival. He told us, “You have arrived at right time. We have to finish the work within 24 hrs”. We couldn’t understand anything. He showed us the proposed land, along the coast of the river Budhabalang for the temple, which has a beautiful look about it. The Similipal reserve forest at  the back of the land with the presence of the river made  the place, absolutely majestic, peaceful and serene. Anyone could be lost in the time wrap in such naturally beautiful scenic surroundings .

After the sunset, Guruji spoke to  us (i.e.  myself, Bibhu, Shailendraji and Shantanuji (his younger brother ) about the purpose of our visit to Baripada. He told us that the proposed land would  be donated by his mother and that all legal works would have to  be completed by 14th August2000 ,  since the very next day Guruji had to leave  Baripada. I was totally unaware  about the procedure of legal formalities  relating to the land ; I thought  it would be impossible to complete all the legal formalities in the given time frame, which even otherwise takes at least seven days to be completed in Orissa due to existing  official work pattern. But Guruji told, “You go there. All work will be finished before the Bhoomi Puja program, going to be held tomorrow”. All other people of Baripada were  also  surprised because the Bhoomi Puja program was not pre-decided and besides would  also entail certain preparation. But Guruji had appointed another group for this work and on 14thAugust 2000 we began the work in right earnest . All preparations were made during the evening of 13thAugust 2000 .

We made two groups for the registration work of the land. I and Shailendraji arranged for the Court fees and Stamp and Bibhu went for typing the legal documents. After this, series of miracles started unfolding.

The proprietor of the computer centre, where the legal documents were to be typed , was not present in the shop. So, it was impossible to retreive the template of the typed documents from the computer memory and it would take a whole day to again type the documents. So we made an exit for another computer store which had a scanner facility . We told the proprietor to scan the documents and print them on the legal papers ; he replied that it would be very expensive since he will take Rs.500 per page for this work. We agreed to his demands for  we had no other option . When the job was completed, the proprietor told us, “I have a request to make — I will not take any fees from you”. We were  surprised at his sudden change of mind , so completely? He told us that someone in his mind is also telling him  to not to charge any fees and that  we should not force him to take fees. We left  that place dwelling on  this miracle of Baba.

Then, we made our way  to the “Xerox” centre/shop. We made 2 copies of each page of the document. As I gave the fees to the proprietor, he told, “I know it is the work for Baba’s temple so you need not  give me any fees”. We were witnessing sequential unfolding of miracles .

Thereafter, we arrived at the Sub-registrar’s office. We went to the all-in-all– Head clerk of the office. He started crying after seeing  the documents. We were scared a bit , at this turn of the event thinking,  why is  this fellow  crying? Shailendraji asked him, “Have we made any mistakes?” The head clerk  named Sri Muktikanta Mohanty stated that last  night, Baba came to him in the dream and told that, “very soon my temple is going to be built and you have to co-operate in this work”. After getting up from  the bed on 14th august 2000 , he narrated the dream  to his wife. Now his dream had  come true and that thus he  got a chance to serve Baba. He started completing all the official legal formalities  for the temple to the exclusion of all other  work.

After completing all the documentation formalities, we met district Sub-registrar Sri Anant Kumar Jena, who is now working with civil service of Orissa state. The regular officer to perform that  work was on leave. So Sri Jena was in the charge of Sub-registrar office and as  such as he was appointed to complete Baba’s work. As we arrived, we were treated and received very  cordially. In no district office such cordial treatment  can ever be expected! He was aware about the  purpose of our visit , much  ahead of  our arrival . Before we could make a request to  him to complete the legal formalities, he started narrating his dream. He told that, he had  dreamt of  Baba during the night of 13th August 2000. As per his narration of the dream , he is crying in front of Baba’s photo that why Baba is not giving him Darshan (vision). Baba told him that very soon he will complete Baba’s work. Now he thus  got a chance to serve Baba.

All the legal documentation formalities were finalized only  by 4 PM  ; we thought that the Bhoomi Puja program must have been  completed  by then and that we will not be able to attend that program. But when we arrived at the bhoomi puja venue, the program was about to  conclude and thus  we were able to watch the Bhoomi  Puja function. Guruji looked towards us and said, “You had completed the duties before the completion of Puja”. We were all surprised and realized  that the statements  of Guruji proved to be accurate.

Believe me, even  now I am  surprised  recalling  the whole set of  miraculous events .

Wherever Baba goes, miracles happen there.

N.B. – The above events are set out as  experienced by me  on 13th and 14th August 2000.

(Bijay K. Sahu)

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