Shree Gurujee at Bhubaneshwar Book Fair-21st Feb 2012

Addressing the  gathering of distinguished  littérateurs &  avid book  readers  during the Bubneshwar Book  Fair -2012 , on 21st February, Shree Gurujee  emphasized  the distinctive richness ,  strength &  relevance of Odia language and  literature in today`s dynamic world . Shree Gurujee stated that  unlike all other major   Indian languages which have embraced words from various streams / influences like Persian, Arabic etc  , only Odia  language continues to retain more than seventy-five percentage of its original sanskritic –pali roots  nurturing its richness ,  traversing centuries  which indeed is a creditable achievement for any culture / heritage , more so  when relatively  viewed in the backdrop of  economic-industrial development   parameters  in Odisha vis a vis other regions .  Shree Gurujee also released  around  thirty-five odd books/ titles  authored by leading authors of odhisha  and also felicitated  noted littérateurs during the function organized in Bhubaneshwar Book Fair-2012, held at Exhibition Grounds ,  Bhubaneshwar .

Expounding  the etymology of the word “sahitya”, Shree Gurujee said that literature / works penned for enrichment / benefiting the upliftment /goodness of maximum number of persons of society to  maximum possible extent  as reflected in the maxim “ sarvjan sukhay sarvjan hitay”  encompassing the society`s holistic growth in its embrace , is “ sahitya(i.e for everybody`s benefit ) which is in essence the language of Self(development ) arising from the mind . The literature includes both visual (like theatre, arts  etc) and audio , which is further  again divisible into prose and poem – poem has metre, lyrics, rhythm, fluidity in its syllables all contributing in creation of a work which not only creates but also sustains and maintains/ nurtures the growth  of life (work)  across centuries. Its this essence of  life  captured in literature that  imparts continuity  of  relevance to literary treatises  /works  as reflected in Bhagvat of Shri Jagannath which is part of  Odisha`s rich cultural-literature  heritage. Shree Gurujee said that attainment of   the zenith of sublime (essence)  lies in  the progress of  language.  Other works  which do-not enunciate the permanence of this holistic  principle   are soon  forgotten  .  We also have literature that dwell on particular skill development like computer applications  and other deliverables which are a source of knowledge to gain livelihood  which belongs to different  genre per se . Still other works –books provide certain specialized theoretical knowledge that pertain to  mundane realm  . Shree Gurujee appreciated the efforts put in by organizers to bring all the factors involved with  book publishing – publishers, authors, printers , distributors, proofreaders  etc –  in Bhubaneshwar Book Fair-2012 as each of these factors  provide  its unique complementary inputs in delivering the ultimate product (book) to its readers  . Literature reflects the social conscience . Shree Gurujee stated that  He always has witnessed a continuous stream of  holding of literary events, book-seminars, festivals, literary gatherings in practically  all parts of the State which reflects the   innate strength of literature and this would continue to so  flourish .Shree Gurujee said that  corporate sector  too have social responsibility to perform ; a part of the(ir) earning  be especially  marked towards Corporate Social Responsibility efforts  which would be in order   . Similarly , the younger generation too   can also   donate a small part of sum that they spend on personal beautification (products)  for the good  of  society , thereby   immensely  developing  good (values).  Shree Gurujee further advised the organizers of Bubhneshwar Book Fair-2012 to acquaint  the present generation with rich repository of publications of Odia literature,  publications/ book of earlier centuries .  Shree Gurujee offered to make available His personal collection of original Odia  books , publications  of bygone centuries for display purposes  to kindle interest amongst readers to learn more about the rich Odia literary  heritage . Shree Gurujee hoped that the publishers , distributors would take steps to bring forth  and publish titles of famous Odia authors of bygone eras  in book fairs   thereby  providing much needed fillip/stimulus  to the(se) authors ( who)  in their advanced  age are burdened with onerous responsibility of  preservation (continuity) of (their)  books  /titles  . This would also enable the young generation to  learn about  the  works of these authors  .Shree Gurujee said that Shree Guru Bhagwat  reflects the same essence of life that runs in Odisha’s ( Shree Jagannath) culture and infact people outside Odisha are learning Odia to read Shree Guru Bhagwat . Shree Gurujee thanked the organizers of the event, writers, publishers, gathering  for their contribution and blessed the  devotees .

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