Shree Gurujee at “Basant Utsav ” function –Music to connect with divine Universal Consciousness & release of Odia book “Sai Sandesh”

Shri  Gurujee Chandra Bhanu  Satpathyji  graced the 10th Basant Utsav function organized in Sai ka Angan , Gurgaon  marking the advent of Spring , bestowing blessings on hundreds of devotees with His auspicious presence .

The Basant Utsav –annual day of Sai Ka Angan –programme ceremony commenced with offering respects at the Holy feet of Shri Shirdi Sai & traditional lamp lighting ceremony by Revered Shri Gurujee Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji.  Shri Gurujee  was  thence accorded  traditional reverential devotional welcome respects with  sacred offerings of   “Xorai” ( Tamulpan -the areca nut and betel leaves)   and “Gamucha”  by Sh T.Y.Das and Sh Rajeev Joshi , trustees of Shirdi Sai temple, Assam & devotees of Assam  region to the delight of all devotees .  Shree Gurujee was thence  presented and honoured with traditional headgear  worn by Spiritual Masters heading Spiritual Empire  (like Shri Shankar Dev ,Vaishnav Saint of Assam, born in 1449A.D.) to the thunderous applause and delight of all the devotees present in jam packed venue of the function .

Addressing the gathering, Revered Gurujee  Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji stated that culture embodied in music, arts, literature, dance et al of any region / country is universal in its appeal as it reflects  the  sublime aspect of life which continues to be constant ever since the beginning of the earth. Shri Gurujee stated that appreciation of culture , diversity of other regions lies in  imbibing the beautiful values enshrined in  the  cultural heritage that  help in evolution of the being and expansion of consciousness as the path of  spiritual refinement  rests in integration, harmony and evolution in all aspects to bloom into Universal Consciousness. Shri Gurujee said that beautiful Bihu dance (wrist movements ) potray harmony of lyrics, music, art, feelings and the elements of universal consciousness. Its this expansion of individual  Self into Universal Consciousness that was illustrated by Shirdi Sai in His patronization of all art forms—be it music, art, dance,  et al which led to around 92 odd troupes/ artists    visiting Shirdi during His presence .Organization of “Basant Utsav” at Sai Ka Angan reflects  the strength of arts and music in its myriad forms  to reach the divinity , presenting the multitude a window  to imbibe the sublime finer aspects  of life as depicted in varied art forms . In the past, Shri Gurujee informed the audience, famous personalities like Birju Maharaj, S.Narayanan and many others have  performed at Sai Ka Angan .   Shri Gurujee said that mushroom growth of Shirdi Sai temple in India and abroad reflects the  divinity of the Perfect Master  who during His lifetime left behind no heir apparent or organization  etc and yet the simple , true, universal  teachings of Shri Shirdi Sai  today continues to connect millions across the globe , belonging to intelligentsia ,intellectuals, engineers, doctors ,  layman, scientists  et al  of society of all castes, creed , religion,   from Cuba to New Zealand; no less than around 1000 temples of Shirdi Sai exist in AP and every corner of the country today is  pulsating with Sai devotees. Shri Gurujee narrated His experience with a Cuban devotee , Ms. Maria Antonio  Paulo who though unaware of Shri Sai `s life history was a devotee of  Shirdi Sai  since 1960`s and could foresee, a near impossible event transcending rational science of human probabilities. Its this power of divinity of the Perfect Master that continues to inspire the multitude to seek Him; self motivated group coming together to build temple on a simple edifice of Sai devotion   shorn of all modern day entrepreneurial capital funding management  concepts . Shri Shirdi Sai  taught the path of simple , pure living in all aspects of life which appeals to all the paths and is  universal and thus continues  . Shri Gurujee also released a book “Sai Sandesh” in Odia authored by Sh Suresh Panda which informs its  readers about the teachings of Shri Shirdi Sai as illustrated by  various incidents to guide devotees ; Shirdi Sai often gave experiences to devotees in subtle manner , directly or indirectly and in-fact much of  the literature on Shri Shirdi Sai primarily draws teachings  there from .

The programme   meandered  to the lush green valley, blue hills of Brahmaputra , Assam by treating the audience to a traditional Assamese  drum-flute-peppa performance by celebrated  dhol artist Shri Somnath Bora Ojha  .The dhol-peppa –song   commenced with offerings at the holy feet of Shri Guru in traditional Assamese  song Guru Vandana  and then moved on to create a perfect  imagery of whispering  breeze  in the valleys , slow tempo of rain fall  followed by thunderstorm and cascading sheets of rain to the tune of traditional Assamese song praising the elements of nature—the five tattavas –air, earth ,water ,fire and ether –signifying the perfect unity of the whole . The recreation of locomotive engine sounds of the  yore brought back memories of the era of the Raj.

Thereafter , the audience were presented with a glimpse of the times of Shri Shirdi Sai and his daily routine in Shirdi (during His presence) of seeking alms in a beautiful choreographed dance sequence set to the tune of lovely song (in voice of Smt Mangla)  by devotees of Sai Ka Angan.

Once again the rich traditional  music-dance-culture of Assam  depicting life and love at its best took centre stage marking the arrival of spring and Bihu performance  by artistes of Asaam under able guidance of Shri Somnath Bora Ojha-its choreographer- unleashed its magic in this grand function . The  mesmerizingly graceful  rhythmic dance movements , sublime  fluidity of  hand /wrist movements of dancers in every step (and shake) charmingly evoked  serenity and intensity of love and joy in the hearts of delighted audience  ably backed by melodious echoing flute reflecting the longings and sensitivity captured in simple lyrics of Assamese song (about lass Hiramayi ) , assertive beats of  dhol, taal admirably revved up by  peppa music  made the spirit dance/soar  in anticipation of beautiful  love. The Bihu dance was  simply  lovely  stirring absolute delight and warmth all the way! The dance performance by the troupe of 20 artists & their teacher Shri Somnath Bora Ojha was bestowed with lavish appreciation and blessings by Revered Shri Gurujee Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji .

The  function was ably anchored by Smt Jyotsna and relayed live on the net for the Sai devotees across the globe. The programme concluded with prasad distribution ceremony.

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