“Shree Guru Bhagvat –Vol II” book release on Guru Purnima as offerings to Shree Guru

Since time immemorial , Shree Guru ( Master) has guided the soul in its onward journey towards Self . Shree Guru embodies the essence of creation in His being and all seekers reverentially offer salutations and pranaams at His holy feet on the auspicious occasion of Shree Guru Purnima which is celebrated on full moon day of the month of Aashad (July)every year .

On 3rd July 2012, under the auspicious gaze of full moon light of Ashad purnima ,  the English translation of the second volume of epic treatise  “Shree Guru Bhagvat ” authored by Revered Gurujee Shri Chandrabhanu Satpathyji   was  formerly released by Smt (Dr.) G.Anupama Kumar ,I.A.S. as  offerings to Shree Guru to the delight of all devotees of Baba at Sai Ka Angan, Gurgaon  . The Hindi translation of the second volume of epic treatise  “Shree Guru Bhagvat ” authored by Revered Gurujee Shri Chandrabhanu Satpathyji   was  also formerly launched by Smt (Dr.) G. Anupama Kumar , I.A.S. on this occasion .

The magnificent  epic treatise   “Shree Guru Bhagvat” authored by Shree Guruji Chandrabhanu Satpathyji  is in Oriya language  & comprises of 8000 couplets comprising of 16000 lines, each couplet woven in  nine syllable meter . The English translation of the epic treatise “Shree Guru Bhagwat” has been done by Revered Gurujee Himself to enable larger section of devotees to acquaint them with “Guru” principle and path.

The auspicious proceedings  of the evening began with traditional lamp lighting by the Chief Guest Smt (Dr.) G. Anupama Kumar , I.A.S. and offering salutations to Shri Shirdi Sai.  Other distinguished guests included Shri A.R.Nanda(Retd I.A.S), Shri Panda ,  Smt. T.Y.Das(Jt. Secy ) besides others in the august gathering .

The special highlight of the evening was the message ( dated 02 July 2012) from  the President Smt  Pratibha Devi Singh Patil expressing her happiness at the release of the epic treatise woven in navakshari metre (consisting of nine syllable in each line) which brings the varied facets of spiritualism,  guru-disciple lineage, varied dimensions of science of Self to the fore in today`s modern world  thus taking forward  the  ancient knowledge , reminiscent of 15th century Oriya mystic poet Shri Jagannath Das .

The video message of Shree Guruji Chandrabhanu Satpathyji  on auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima was beamed to the delight of the eager devotees . Shree Guruji blessed all the devotees via his message.

Speaking on the occasion, Smt. (Dr.) G. Anupama Kumar said that in today`s  times its essential to preserve our culture and connect to those facets which are our roots . Speaking about her  experiences with Baba , she said that  she felt immensely blessed that lord had chosen her  as an instrument  to formerly release the two books on auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima and incidentally she had visited Sai ka Angan in the year 2008 on Guru Purnima day . She shared her  experiences with  the audience .

Addressing the gathering , Shri A.R.Nanda said that “Shree Guru Bhagvat ” , and “ Gopyu Ru Agopya”  contain the distilled essence emanating from the experience of a realized Master (Shree Guruji) and infact these treatises are Shastras . Revered Gurujee Shri  Chandrabhanu Satpathyji , chosen child of Shri Shirdi Sai has presented these as offerings to  His Guru and His devotees , dedicating the same to Shree Guru . Topics like  science of  death, guru shishya lineage , science of creation , dissolution etc  which are at core of spiritual science  and the cosmos  have been explained in simple lucid verses to help see Shree Guru.

The audience were enthralled by  creatively  choreographed dance sequence presented by Ms Ahhana Ray & Ms. Kher set to the tune of melodious rendition of stanzas of “Shree Guru Bhagvat ” (from second volume) which beautifully potrayed the essence of the Shree Guru tatv . The  charmingly fluid  Oddisi  movements  evoked the image of serene Shree Guru established in Self and His all pervasive compassionate essence.

The delightful evening concluded after presenting the Chief Guests and other distinguished guests with mementos. The devotees , audience et al  partook langar prasad on this occasion . Smt. Jyotsna ably anchored  the programme seamlessly.

You can also  click on this link to view Shree Gurujee`s Guru Purnima message-2012   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrJKSRSzlnw


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