Sai Literature & Perfect Masters: Books authored by Gurujee Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyjee in New Delhi Book Fair-2012

Books encapsulating the  pulse of spiritual & cultural  heritage have moulded the minds of its reader to seek the truth permeating the cosmos . The language of the ancient Seers guided  the uninitiated  with  its beautiful simple elucidation of concepts ,  thoughts   for the seed carried within it the fruits ;  masses were  taught the meaning of divinity by  Perfect Masters like Shirdi Sai , Hazrat Tajjudin Baba  (of Nagpur), Hazrat Babajan (Pune) , Shri Ramakrishna Paramhans (Bengal), Sh Ram Thakur, Shri Loknath Brahmachari , Swami Samarth Akkalkot Maharaj and others through their own daily conduct  during their lifetimes which continue to guide the masses till date as reference point .

Paramhans   Guruji Shri ChandraBhanu Satpathyji continues  the ancient tradition of inspiring the multitude to seek within through teachings contained in the daily conduct of lives of the Perfect Master and has authored treatises and books which have become a reference point for millions of  Sai devotees and people  across the globe in their quest of the Self . These books provide knowledge about the path , answers to  varied querries confronting the bewildered mind of a traveler besides providing a glimpse of the Prefect Master .

An aesthetically  designed SAI Literature Stall has been set up in New Delhi Book Fair-2012 , Hall no 12, Stall no 6 (near  Gate no 7) at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi to welcome the visitors /seekers to Sai path  . Visitors to this stall  can  treat themselves to soul- inspiring  literature on Shirdi Sai and other Perfect Masters  ; a book containing pictographic narration of World Sai Movement under the leadership of  Guruji Shri ChandraBhanu Satpathyji  is another attraction of this stall . Another exquisite beautifully conceptualized pictographic  book presenting a rare glimpse  of the grace &  the divine persona of   Guruji Shri ChandraBhanu Satpathyji in varied moments of life draws the visitors for yet another look at the Master  is a big attraction for the visitors & devotees alike. You can also listen to Shri Guruji  on the Monitor screen set up inside the Stall besides seeing a documentary on Sai march under leadership of Guruji Shri ChandraBhanu Satpathyji

Books authored by Guruji Shri ChandraBhanu Satpathyji  “ Shirdi Sai & Other Perfect Masters ”, “BABA-May I Answer”, “Sai Charan Mein”, “ Gopyu Ru Agopya”, “ Srishtitattvanuchintanam” ,”Sai Sumerin Mein” etc have been made available in Sai Literature stall for the visitors to enable them to know about the  Perfect Masters & their magnificent path.  Many of these books have been translated into regional Indian languages like Assamese, Marathi, Gujrati, Bangla, Oriya, Punjabi , Telgu etc and other  languages like Russian, Slovak etc in an attempt to  take the message of the Perfect Masters across the globe  Guruji Shri ChandraBhanu Satpathyji `s magnificent treatise  “ Shree Guru Bhagvat ”   transports  its readers to the realm of   the  divine through  its delightful  lyrical couplets carrying the essence of  the  thoughts of a realized Master occupies a special place in this Stall .  “ Shree Guru Bhagvat ”  — a lyrical poetic treatise in Odia  comprises of 8000 couplets/ stanzas ; each line of 8000 stanzas  is set in nine syllable metre akin to the “Bhagvat” authored by  Shri Balram Das of Panch Sakha Yug during 14th -15th Century in Odhisha elucidates on intense matters like Soul, Sadguru,Guru-Shishya lineage , etc  .  “ Shree Guru Bhagvat ”is also available in English & Hindi (translation) for readers at this Stall .

You can also listen to finest  lovely  melodious  songs on Shirdi Sai composed & sung by Guruji Shri ChandraBhanu Satpathyji which continue to remain on the top of highest selling music albums  of Times Music & Sa Re Ga Ma and continues to inspire its listeners to visit Shirdi .  Copies of Music Albums “Living with Sai” , “ Aao Sai”, “Thubhyam Namami Sai nathaya” ,“ Sai Nathaya Namaha Namaha” , “ Hirayangarbha Sriman Narayan Saiet al are also available at this Stall besides books and magazines on Shirdi Sai . Come & know the path of the Perfect Masters…..!!!


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