Revered Gurujee’s Visit to Texas,USA

Revered Gurujee visited shirdi sai Dallas temple on 2nd December2010 for a discourse . Huge gathering of devotees welcomed Shri C.B.Satpathyji . The music album “SAI MELODY” was released by Shri Gurujee during this visit ; the lyrics n music of this album have been composed by Shri Gurujee. Shri Gurujee said that Shirdi Sai temples are coming up all over the world as stated by Shirdi Sai during His lifetime ; Shirdi Sai preached humanism which is the essence of all religions . He advised the devotees to read “Shri Sai Charitra” daily so that the teachings of the Master are imbibed and become a part of daily conduct thus helping in evolution . The Masters have unraveled the principles governing nature ; events which are termed as miracles by the masses at large are infact the laws of nature , which are natural to the Masters. Shri Gurujee also rendered melodious bhajans as offerings to Shirdi Sai . The event was broadcasted live via USTREAM on internet . Click here to view the recorded programme.

Thanks DALLAS TEMPLE Team for sharing these precious moments.

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