Revered Gurujee at OSA Annual Convention, TEXAS

(Dallas,Texas, USA-1st July-4th July):Inaugurating the 42nd annual convention of the Odia Society of America (OSA) held at Dallas, Texas, USA with an invocation to the universal Lord Sri Jagannatha, Revered Gurujee Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyjee said that Lord Jagannatha is very much part of the life of every Odia and is central to Odisha culture. Every Odia is a devotee of Lord Jagannatha from the time of birth.

Addressing the gathering of people from Odisha, he reminded them that the rich culture of Odisha, the Konark temple, Odia dance, etc are well known all over the world, and said, we are here not only to relive our culture or to pass on the values to our next generation but also for inter-cultural integration with other groups. Because accepting the best from all other cultures and imbibing them is the essence of the evolution of the human race.

Odias are very peace loving people by nature and normally don’t express themselves through violence; rather they express themselves through various cultural forms like dance, music, art, poetry, writings, etc. He said that we should try to live together each day, as if it is the first and last.  If there is any definition of any religion, then it is the greatest good of the greatest number of people for the longest period of time and not the greatest good of the smallest number of people for the shortest period of time.

History shows that over thousands of years, Odisha has sustained the peaceful co-existence of various groups. The presence of various groups at this gathering shows that we are a lovable group that believes in peace, mutual appreciation of society, religions, people and thus we grow.

He lauded the efforts of OSA for maintaining the culture, values and religious traditions of Odisha and passing them along to their children who are growing up outside Odisha.  Thanking the organizers and participants for the opportunity to be here, he sought blessings for all.

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