On 29th December 2011 , Revered Gurujee Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji released the English translation of His magnificent original Odia epic treatise “Shree Guru Bhagwat ”(vol-I) in a grand function organized at Sai ka Angan, Gurgaon amidst thunderous applause of huge gathering of Sai devotees and offered the released copy at the Holy feet of Sadguru Shirdi Sai Nath .The function commenced with traditional lamp lighting ceremony by Revered Gurujee Shree Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji .

The  magnificent epic “Shree Guru Bhagwat” comprising of 16000 lines in nine syllable meter (navakshri chaand in Odia poem)  authored by Shree Gurujee Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji is an encyclopedia of essence of Guru principal and spiritual knowledge  for every aspirant  on the spiritual path . Aspirants   / seeker from varied paths  can identify with   and seek light  from writings of a realized Paramhans  Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji. Epic treatise  “ Shree Guru Bhagwat” comprises of 8000 couplets comprising of 16000 lines, each couplet woven in  nine syllable meter . The English translation of the epic treatise “Shree Guru Bhagwat” has been done by Revered Gurujee Himself to enable larger section of devotees to acquaint them with “Guru” principle and path.

Speaking on this grand occasion , Revered Gurujee Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji  said that “Shree Guru Bhagwat” is about the Guru principle that is unbound , covering the limitless expanse of the whole(microcosm & macrocosm) transcending time , space continuum  ;  this treatise , a virtual encyclopedia, embraces  the essence of all the paths  .  Sadgurus of many paths find mention in the encyclopedia  “Shree Guru Bhagwat ” which enlightens  the seeker about the subtle principles on which the Masters (Sadguru) Grace acts, divine personality of the Sadguru, the personality & devotion expected from a seeker, different characteristics of seekers/ Master, Knowledge etc . Shree Gurujee  exhorted the gathering to awaken the consciousness  the keys to which lies in Sadguru`s Grace. All the Perfect Masters like Shri Shirdi Sainath,   Sadguru Ramakrishna Paramhansa  et al laid utmost emphasis on following the “Guru” path which is reflected in the Sadguru`s being addressed as “Mowli”(mother) (Supreme compassionate  Masters ), transcending duality in its most innate state. This state of Self denoting equilibrium of forces  can be seen in the  statue of Shri Shirdi Sai which is also known as ardhnarieshwar ,as symbolized by Lord Shiva. Shree Gurujee said that spiritualism enshrines  truth (Self) and essence of spiritualism lies in imbibing and living this truth in daily conduct .

Revered Gurujee said that the limitless bountiful grace of the Sadguru  can only be imagined from the fact that simple , agriculturalist , unknown villagers of Shirdi who lived and served the Compassionate Shirdi Sai like Shama, Kolte Patil etc are known all over the world today.  No wonder then, the Sadguru`s are addressed  as “mowli” (mother).Shree Gurujee said that the (mis)deeds of the chosen children(ankit santan) of the Master (Sadguru)are His(ie. Sadguru`s) and not those of the child. What more assurance can one ask for? Shree Gurujee said that when He started writing these  thoughts that spontaneously manifested from His ( awakened ) Self due to the grace of Shri Shirdi Sai  , He had never thought that the work(“Shree Guru Bhagwat ”)would be published  . Certain close  friends and well wishers who had heard the poem insisted on its(Shree Guru Bhagwat`s ) publication ; sustained efforts to index and type the loose sheets of original writings in Odia  was done by His nephew Itala (Debbrata Satpathy) which culminated in publication of Odia treatise “Shree Guru Bhagwat” , which  is available in almost  all  the temples in Odhisha today  and is widely read  by renowned scholars& common  people alike , and sung/read  in temples , Mutths all over Odhisha .Revered  Shree Gurujee thanked the organizers of the event and blessed the devotees.

On this spiritually ecstatic  occasion , Ms Madhusmita Das — a renowned Odissi dancer from Baripada & Sh Bhagirath Mohant , performed two  beautifully choreographed dance sequence  depicting the theme of primordial Supreme Guru seated in  Self  (Sat -Chida-Anand) controlling the energy forces of creation, maintenance & dissolution (as set out in stanzas 11, 14 & 15 of “Shree Guru Bhagwat”)encompassing the whole in Self  and another  theme depicting surrender of disciple at the feet of Sadguru (breaking of illusion)and creation of chosen child(ankit santan`s) of Master (Sadguru)and the ankit santan`scharacteristic (as set out in stanza stanza 463,465,464 of “Shree Guru Bhagwat”). The melodious rendition of pious  stanzas from “Shree Guru Bhagwat” in voice of Smt Sudha Mishra ( Station Director AIR, Cuttack)  & Sh. Mohapatra  (renowned playback singer from Odhisha) & dance sequence by Ms Madhusmita Das & Sh Bhagirath Mohant charmed  the audience . Smt. Jyotsna ably anchored the programme which was followed by Prasad . Trustees and guests from varied places in India like Tirupati, Moradabad etc attended the function which was broadcasted live on the web.

Enjoy images of certain joyous moments of the beautiful evening  ………!

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