Release of first yearly magazine “SAI PRABHA” by Shree Gurujee at “Sai Karuna Dham ” temple , Noida

On 13 April 2011, Shree Gurujee released the first issue of the  yearly Sthaphna Diwas magazine “SAI PRABHA” in  an function organized to mark the eighth foundation day of the “Sai Karuna Dham ” temple , Noida,  in presence  of thousands of devotees . Revered Gurujee lighted the traditional lamp  at the start of  the function .   In His address to the Sai devotees , Revered Gurujee stated that Shirdi Sai by His simple humanitarian living conduct set an example of humanism , which united people of all strata , caste, religion etc .Temples are means to propagate the(se)  pious thoughts of pure humanitarian conduct as a  daily conduct, He stated . The delightful rendering of “ Guru Bhagwat ”  captured the minds of the devotees . On this joyous occasion , the devotees were  enthralled by melodious rendering of  guru strotra and bhajan  by Revered Gurujee.   Famous singer, Smt Anupama  Deshpande also sang on this occasion .


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