Maalik Ek Sur Anek will be screened on 3rd July@ STAR PLUS

Recently on May-2011, at Film City, Mumbai a “SAI BHAJAN SANDHYA” was organized by SAI PRERNA TRUST & STAR TV, marked by presence of several Bollywood film actors and directors . For the first time, the persons who have dedicated themselves and their whole life in serving Shree Shirdi Saibaba were felicitated at this function . This event is coming in STAR PLUS on 3rd July @ 6PM. Revered Gurujee Shree Chandrabhanu Satpathyjee was felicitated in this program, so don’t miss the program in STAR PLUS !!

The organizers had invited some eminent personalities who spearheaded the Sai movement in diverse ways. Our beloved Gurujee Shree C.B.Satpathyjee, who has built more than 230 temples of Shri Sai Baba globally, with many more in their nascent stages, was saluted for His Herculean efforts. Besides, awareness on the life and teachings of Shri Sai has been brought about through literature & music generated by Him. Also group endeavours for the well being of humanity, live participations in Mahakumbh and other melas to cohease together individuals who are attached to Baba, for this Shree Satpathyjee’s contribution to this world of Shirdi Sai Baba is second to none.

At the outset, bhajans were sung by Jagjit Singh and a few others like Saxena Bandhu, Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan, Suresh Wadekar and Shreya Gosal, when Shree Satpathyjee arrived at the venue. He was accorded a Red Carpet Welcome and on His way to His seat. He interacted with the press and satisfied them on their queries like:

  • What was His motivation behind 200+ temples world wide?
  • How did He have a library with a collection of all the authentic books and documents reaching Him?
  • How are all the eminent singers lining up for singing bhajans composed by Him?

And many others.

Revered Gurujee in His usual light manner dispelled their doubts and seated Himself at the place reserved for Him. Shree Satpathyjee was seated in the front row and Mr. Sudhir Dalvi and actor Jackie Schroff were seated along side.

Baba’s Murti was unveiled, Ms. Lara Datta whose family is an ardent devotee of Baba, performed the Aarti. Actor Vivek Oberoi complemented Shree Satpathyjee with a lot of warmth and regard apprising the audience that he felt particularly honoured to have Shree Satpathyjee amidst this gathering, disclosing that he knew Shree Satpathyjee well and had a lot of respect and admiration for Him. Vivek Oberoi said that there was a soul connection between Shree Gurujee & him and that he was most overcome by his simplicity. He reverentially referred to Him as a Living Saint.

He then requested Shree Satpathyjee to take the dais and address the gathering. Gurujee spoke for about 10 minutes and the highlights of the speech are given as under:

  • “Samarpan” (total surrender) and “Bhakti” (devotion) are attributes given by God Himself. We should not be egoistic in taking pride in considering these qualities to be ours.
  • Shree Satpathyjee’s prayer to Shree Sai was for the empowerment of BABA’s children to enable them to beget HIS grace.
  • All devotees undergo similar emotions the world over when the Sadguru seats Himself in their hearts and starts awakening them.
  • Baba came as a spiritual experimentalist to bind together three religions- Islam, Hinduism and Christianity.
  • The future of Shirdi as it stands today was envisioned as far as in the year 1917 in a dream.
  • Sadgurus incarnate every 600 to 700 years on earth to establish a new faith. He cited chronological descent of various important pioneers every 600 years approximately. Sainath Maharaj emerged in the year 1800 and will remain for 700 years. By 2025 Saiism will establish itself and people will christen themselves after Him.
  • Sai was not a miracle man. Miracles were just offshoots of His saintliness. People from all over crowded around Him to fulfill their material desires. At times Baba would get disconcerted and had to leave Shirdi twice under such circumstances.
  • Baba also suffered discomfort and distress at the hands of devotees. Though out of love and devotion, they would do things that affected His physical disposition. Like, they would bathe Him with milk and feed Him curd, which aggravated His asthma and caused deterioration of health.

After intoxicating the audience with His nectar- filled words, Shri Satpathyjee humblythanked the organizers for having invited him.

  • Name of Programme           :       Malik Ek Sur Anek
  • Hosted & Covered by           :       Star Plus
  • Date of Telecast                      :       3th July 2011
  • Time                                               :        6pm To 8Pm

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