New Music Album “AAO SAI” Released at Gurgaon

Respecting  the scintillating response  of the Sai devotees and public at large in India and abroad  to the two music albums of Revered Gurujee Shri Gurujee Chandra Bhanu Satpathyjee — “ Living with Sai” and “Tubhyam Namamai ”   —-   resulted in the Times Music Group coming up again with yet another third  breathtaking  music CD- album  “ Aao Sai ” — a repertoire of melodious compositions written and composed by Revered Gurujee Shree Gurujee Chandra Bhanu Satpathyjee.

The new music Album “Aao Sai” featuring eight of the finest lyrics and  musical compositions of   Revered Gurujee Shree Chandrabhanu Satpathyjee, produced by Times Music, India  was released on 13th Jan 2011 at 7 PM at SAI KA AANGAN, Gurgaon by  Shree Gurujee in  a grand ceremony attended by hundreds of devotees.

“Aao Sai”— a music album perfected by  sheer  innate strength of purity  of the lyrics emanating from the Master– Revered Gurujee Shree Chandra Bhanu Satpathyjee –Himself  engineered to melodious  excellence with its breathtaking range of  chords, usage of orchaestras, melodious rhythms  moving the listeners  to  unheard of realm in devotional music , both  in terms of  sharing of  subtle spiritual  ecstasy  as also in realm of  enjoyment of  the  finest  melodious musical  compositions in the  voice of leading singers Shreya Ghosal, Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan, Kailash Kher, Shilpa Rao, Mohit Chauhan, Rakhi Bhardwaj –who walked on this melodious  path under the guidance of  Revered Gurujee Shree Chandra Bhanu Satpathyjee.

Around 35,000 copies of Music album  “ Living with Sai” have been sold in the market till date  which has been a record of sorts for Times Music , India  . “Aao Sai” – the third album elucidating  the journey of the Master on the path of Sai Devotion in fragrant  melodic lyrics  was produced in an exceptionally small time frame as demanded by Times Music , India  and each composition of this album is crafted to induce its listeners to sublime Sai consciousness  by its soulful  lyrics , melody  coupled with advanced technological sound mixing  effects   stirring the recesses of heart of every  listener .

Speaking on this joyous occasion,  Revered Gurujee Shree Chandra Bhanu Satpathyjee said that the music album “ Aao Sai”  is a conscious attempt to use the best resources in the field of  digital sound – technology and  singers to  enable availability of / exposure to excellent musical compositions  in devotional  music to public at large   akin to  that of commercial music stream, thereby setting a  benchmark of excellence  for others to follow . Infact, music is a means to reach the state of sublime purity and  only the excellence could be a resource to reach  (the) Sai (state).

The audience were treated to magnificently  refreshing melodies being belted by Shreya Ghosal, Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan, Kailash Kher, Shilpa Rao, Mohit Chauhan, Rekha Bhardwaj in varied  moods — from soulful sufiana andaaz of Kailash Kher  taking you to the fascinating  land of jogis  to  Rekha Bhardwaj number, soothing voice of Shreya Ghoshal in backdrop of full piece orchaestra (did I say that you  could listen to a bar or two of  piano there—like raindrops on mirror as you look at the valley waiting ….. ! ) to  heartache causing  voice of Shaan  inspiring you to look for Sai with his number “ jahan dharti chhoti hai ambar ko aaur asman chota hai …”(my favourite , though!) and of course, pretty lady Shilpa Rao  with her melodious voice , and  besides  Shanker Mhadevan singing to the beats of drums .( I could see Shree Sai being taken out in palki around Shirdi to accompaniments of this number in Maharashtra and Goa — sure to be a hit  with its boisterous melody and rhythmic use of beats , during ganapati and navraatri..) . And did I add that  the first two numbers of this album could certainly be played as  DJ number —  I was stumped with its charming brute range :  was it a waltz or ball dance number but sure anyway it`s great .  The only  words that sums this album  is its  :  “stunningly melodious”.

“Aao Sai”. Click here to know the ALBUM INFORMATION of AAO SAI.

Precious moments of “AAO SAI” captured for YOU. Enjoy ………!!!!!!!!!!

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