2nd Volume of Shree Guru Bhagabata released

After a rousing response to the first volume of the Guru Bhagabata in Odia, the second volume was released by its author, Revered Gurujee Shree Chandrabhanu Satpathyjee at Hotel Swosti Premium, Bhubaneswar on Sunday, the 9th January 2011. The book has been dedicated to the Panchasakha of Bhaktiyuga.

Both the volumes comprise of approximately 16, 000 lines while each line has been composed in the Nabakshyari (nine-lettered poetic metres). The book delineates the principles of Bhakti, Guru-Shisya lineage, Sadguru, divine path of Sai Baba, relation between birth and death and also immensely contributes to the Odia literature.  The stanzas are in shape of prayers to invoke Shri Shiridi Sai’s blessings besides being sung as kirtan.

When I was listening to my sister reciting a stanza of Bhagabata Gita written by the immortal Odia poet Jagannath Das, I was immensely inspired to dedicate myself to recreating such a book, said Revered Gurujee  quipping, One who does not know Death, does not know Life.

Exhorting all to believe that the Guru is the repository of all divine powers, Gurujee advised that all mundane needs, worries and queries should be humbly surrendered to Him.

Details of the book here.

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