On starry night of 10th November 2011   under the delightful gaze of  the auspicious Kartik  full moon, Hon’ble Shri Justice Ananga Kumar Patnaik  of Supreme Court of India conferred upon Revered Gurujee Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyjee “ Odisha Ratna Award ”  in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the society  & its development,  culture, literature, music, education, philanthrophy  et al in a glittering 9th Boita Bandana Utshav 2011 function organized by Odia Pua & Odia Association at Delhi  .

 9th Boita Bandana Utshav 2011  was organized to mark the auspicious occasion of Kartik Purnima & Boita Bandana Utsav (the festival of boats). The programme  began with the invocation  aarti of Lord Shri Jagannath  followed by traditional lamp lighting ceremony by the  chief guest Hon’ble Shri Justice Ananga Kumar Patnaik . The chief guest Hon’ble Shri Justice Ananga Kumar Patnaik thence  presented the “Odisha Ratna Award” citation and shawl to Shree Gurujee to the  thundering applause  of and standing ovation by  the large gathering of  audience  present on the occasion .

 In his brief thanksgiving  address to the audience, Revered Gurujee said that Odisha’s  excellence  in varied facets  like say art, culture , sculpture  etc has not been optimally  marketed  worldwide &   needs to be suitably  reinforced  in today’s communication driven world to attain overall  progress & development. Revered Gurujee stated that in nature, there exists a pattern/cycle of development of (any/all) civilization ; the cycle of development of state of Odisha would start from  the year 2012 and by the year  2030 a substantially  progressive developed  image  of Odisha would emerge . The seeds of progress which lie in the soil of the  land of Lord Shri Jagannath may bear certain  trial  moments   but the cycle of progress is already thus charted.  Revered Gurujee said that every Odia is a (born) devotee of Lord Jagannath (by birth). Following Shirdi Sai does not entails leaving ones path (of worship) as Shirdi Sai clearly disapproved of the devotee who had not performed his daily worship of Shiva before worshipping Shirdi Sai .  Lord Jagannath is not equivalent of Shri Krishna or that of Lord Vishnu or of other deities. Lord Jagannath, also known as “daru brahma” reflects  more than all these aspects(deities) – Lord Jagannath (path) is something  more  as  it  embraces  within it all the varied streams (of living/ path) that exist  and  reflects the  flowering of the self that  resides at the core of  the most innermost recesses of the Self and (in)its expansion . Shree Gurujee said that in coming years  Odisha would become  famous . Revered Gurujee thanked the organizers and all those present on this auspicious occasion .

The audience were treated to a beautiful Chhau dance performance  depicting the  theme of examination of pupils studying in Gurukul  by the Master,  presented by Chhau dance group artists from Baripada (district Mayurbhanj) Odisha .  The organizers of the function informed  that representations to Ministry of  Culture  are being made to set up the “Chhau Dance Academy” at Baripada  as it(Chhau dance) originates in and reflects the socio- culture  heritage of  Baripada region  . The audience were also presented a brief  information about the varied facets of work dimensions of Revered Gurujee. During the course of the eventful evening, the organizers also felicitated  other members of the community .

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