Publications of Revered Gurujee

Shree Guru Bhagvat-Hindi(Vol-1)

Author Name : Shree Chandrabhanu Satpathy
Language : Odia

The first volume of the Hindi version of the  epic Odiya  poem “Shri Guru Bhagvat ” authored by Revered Gurujee Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathyji    comprising of approximately 4000 couplets ( of the  16000 couplets ) set in nine syllable meter   elucidates  the  subtle principles of guru –shisya path, definition of Guru(Sadguru), distinct  nature ,characteristics , powers of Guru (and varied nature of Guru),  Self, conduct / characteristic of devotees/disciples  according to the(ir) nature , devotion, values, conduct , path, self realization , method , protection from charlatans,   etc  to guide the seeker on the path of spiritual evolution . The epic Oriya poem has been published in four volumes , each volume containing approximately 4000 couplets. Shri Gurujee  has set out  the benefit accruing from  daily reading/ parayan of the spiritual treatise “Shree Guru Bhagwat”  in the last* chapter of the fourth volume of the book .(*It states that daily reading of “Shree Guru Bhagwat” and on special occasions like  thursdays, Shivratri, Purnima, Ekadashi etc would yield devotion and benefit its devotees in awakening of the(ir) self by cleansing the mind of its impurities and in realization of the truth ).

Devotees  have been reading  the treatise “Shri Guru Bhagwat”( in odiya) and its stanzas are regularly sung in varied Shirdi Sai temple as keertans and offerings to Shirdi Sai.

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