Publications of Revered Gurujee

Shree Guru Bhagvat(Vol-4)

Author Name : Shree Chandrabhanu Satpathy
Language : Odia
Publisher : Visions Printers & Publishers (P) Ltd.

It is the 4th Volume of main epic named “SHREE GURU BHAGVAT”. The epic “ Shree Guru Bhagvat” is set in nine syllable meter and comprises of 16000 stanzas. The epic elucidates the subtle principles of evolution of consciousness and eulogizes the Masters of Self . This volume has been dedicated to Lord Shree Jagannatha. You can often listen to the melodious rendering of (stanzas of) “ Shree Guru Bhagvat” being played in scores of Shirdi Sai temples in India & abroad as invocation prayers of Shirdi Sai . The epic narrates the divinity of Shree Guru , His play & Creation , His playground. Recently, Shri Gurujee was conferred with “ Mahapurush Jagnnath Das Samman”  award for His excellence and contribution in field of Odia Spiritual literature for epic poem “ Shree Guru Bhagvat”  & treatise “ Gopy Ru Agopya”.


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