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Shree Guru Bhagvat(Vol-1)

Author Name : Shree Chandrabhanu Satpathy
Language : Odia
Publisher : Vision Printers & Publishers Pvt Ltd.,Bhubaneswar

First Volume of the epic spiritual treatise “Guru Bhagavata” (Volume-I) authored by Revered Guruji Shri Chandrabhanu Sathpathyjee comprising of first 4000 stanzas ( of the 16000 stanzas ) in navakshari metrical composition in Odia is a scared text for all earnest seekers on the path of Sai. The treatise elucidates the principles of bhakti, Guru -Shisya lineage, Sadguru , path of Sai etc and also immensely contributes to the Odia literature . The stanzas from this epic composition are offered as prayers to invoke Shri Shirdi Sai`s blessings besides being sung as kirtan.

Ascending through the highest layers of spirituality, Sri C.B Satpathy Jee has created “The Guru Bhagavata”, written in 9 lettered poetic meters. This literary work is a treatise depicting the glory of the Perfect Masters, the Masters, and the Disciples, with various divine aspects of the master disciple relationship and many more related subjects. If we term his recently published books “Gopya Ru Agopya” (in Odia) and “Shrusti Tattvanuchintanam”(Sanskrit version of ‘Gopya Ru Agopya’), as a treasure of knowledge (Jnana) then ‘Shri Guru Bhagabata’ can be termed as the ultimate treasure of devotion (Bhakti).

The very phenomenon (Tatva) of the Masters (Guru) and the devotion for the Masters has been gloriously canvassed in the epic work. Such lucid and vivid description on the subject has never been done before either in Odia or in any other regional language in India.

This work also delves into Subjects like The importance of Guru Phenomena, types of Master and the significance of being in the service of the Master, that bear high importance in human life and its evolution. The style resembles the nine syllable poetic meter of the great ‘Bhagavata’, written by Shri Jagannath Dash in ancient times. Therefore, he who aims at following the foot prints of the Masters (Guru Path), will surely find this book an invaluable aid in his journey. Such is the effect of the work that people who do not know Odia are learning Odia language to gather as much wealth of knowledge and devotion out of it, as they can.

The whole work is to be published in four parts, this being the first among the lot. Few stanzas of this book are being sung by devotees in Shirdi Sai Temples and other places throughout India as devotional chanting and the same have already been published in Music CDs and cassettes.

Now the availability of this much awaited book will surely enrich the devotional aspect of one and all.

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