Vijayawada Railway Division to Run Special Trains for Dussehra

Vijayawada: Vijayawada Railway Division officer F R Michel has informed that keeping in view, the rush of passengers during Dusshera festival, railways are running special train between Visakhapatnam-Sainagar Shirdi alongwith between Chennai and Tirupathi.

Visakhapatnam-Sainagar Shirdi-Visakhapatnam train no. 02801/02802: This service will begin its journey on every Thursday from 4th October to 25th October, 2012 from Visakhapatnam. It reached Vijayawada at 3.20pm, Hyderabad at and reach Sainagar Shirdi at 12.15 on Friday afternoon. Again it starts on every Friday from Sainagar Shirdi from 5th to 26th October at 7.10 on and reach Secunderabad at 9.25 am; Vijayawada at 3.20 pm and Visakhapatnam at 8.20 pm.

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