Online booking of Darshan & Accomodation at Shirdi started

 The Shri Sai Baba Sansthan, Shirdi Trust has introduced an Online Booking System for Sai devotees which is providing them an option of not standing in a queue for several hours to reach Baba’s Samadhi Mandir to pay their respect.

 Those who register online will not have to stand in the darshan queue for more than an hour. They will be told the approximate time when they can pay their respect and will be able to finish their visit within an hour of the time mentioned. Those who do not book through this Booking System will have to stand in the regular darshan queue. Devotees can also make Online bookings for Hotel Accommodation at Shirdi. The Dwarawati hotel is used for the Accomodation purpose. Previously, devotees had to stand in queue for getting the accommodation tickets. But with the help of present system, they can book their accomodation at Dwarawati before time at an affordable rate starting from Rs. 500.

Those devotees, who want to attend the Artis of Baba at the Samadhi Mandir, can also reserve before time with the help of the Online booking system. For more information and Online Booking, go to this link Devotees need to be first register themselves in the Website and create an Account, after that they can select the Online services like Darshan, Accomodation, Donation, Annadan etc and make their payments online through the appropriate payment gateways.

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